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Sick Parade.

If you know someone who is a bit crook, 
let us know so we can give them a shout out..



Nev Middleton.


Noel Hatfield says "Many of you may know Nev Middleton (11 Course, CO 3AD, DTELENG, DGJCE) and will be concerned to know of his recent difficulties. Nev was diagnosed with lung cancer and admitted to hospital for initial tests/treatment. During his hospitalization, his much loved family home in Flynn ACT was condemned by the Government for asbestos contamination (the infamous 'Mr Fluffy' insulation). He and Carol have since sold their property to the Government and relocated to a retirement (Seniors) complex in Paige ACT.


Ellen and I visited Nev and Carol a week ago and found him to be in good spirits and positive about the future. His main concern is the oedema associated with his condition/treatment (?) that has affected his legs to the extent that he is presently confined to a wheelchair. Nev is one of nature's gentlemen and one of the nicest people it has been my privilege to know. He is facing his future with characteristic courage and good humour".


Nev’s Contact Details are:

Villa 24,  Villaggio Sant' Antonio

35 Burkitt St


02 6254 0313




Len Scrase.

Len says: "I went to go to Greenslopes Hospital Wednesday 13th May to have three melanomas removed from my face by a plastic surgeon – all those years on a white tarmac in only shorts and T-boots?? Still trying to convince the Leader of the Opposition re going down for the Colour Parade, so as soon as I know I will contact you.




Peter Holmes.


We recently heard from Peter who lives in Burnie, Tas. He advised us he has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and at the moment the doctors are trying to decide which bits are going to have to go. He, of course, is worried they are thinking of removing some of the dangly bits.


We wish you well mate….



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