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Where are they now?



Pilots reunion.


Pilot courses 240 and 241 will graduate from Pearce this year, 240 on the 4th September and 241 on the 4th December. The people who organise these things are looking for the centurion pilots who graduated on course 40, 41, 140 and also course 141 so as to invite them along to the ceremony.


If you are interested in attending the graduation and functions, please contact Karyn Hinder at either 1300 333 362 or Karyn.Hinder@defence.gov.au.  


Graduation dates for 2016 are as follows:


242 - 11 March 2016


 243 - 3 June 2016


244 - 2 September 2016


  245 - 5  December 2016





Graham McAuliffe.


Glyn Llanwarne, from Lost Medals Australia writes. He says:  “I was wondering if anyone from this page is in contact with Graham McAuliffe. I have his Vietnam War medals which I would like to return. From the Vietnam War nominal roll his service with 2 Squadron is as follows:


            Name:                      MCAULIFFE, Graham Patrick

            Service No:              A118818

            Date Of Birth:           24/12/1950

            Rank:                       Leading Aircraftman

            Place Of Birth:          Childers QLD AUSTRALIA

            Mustering:                Clerk Medical

            Squadron                 No. 2 Squadron

            Dates                       04/06/1970 to 03/06/1971


McAuliffe was still in the RAAF in 1980 and married to Ashiana. If any one knows how I can contact him I would very much appreciate it. I can be reached via my Face Book page of the Lost Medals Australia website”.






Carl Campagnoli.


Cathy Brennan writes, “Hi folks l have been thinking of my Comms days and was wondering if Carl Campagnoli is still with us, he was the OIC of 3 TELU at Pearce back in 1980/1981. He was a Flt Lt then. Also Liz Spicer as she was known then, Liz was a Cpl Switchie, can anyone help? 


If you can help Cathy, email us and we’ll pass on your details – tb.




Ted McEvoy


Ted sent us this, he says:  "Patricia Nicholl is attempting to identify the fourth member of the RAAF group as shown in the attached picture. Can you please distribute to your contacts".


Standing:   F/Sgt Claude Edward McEvoy, F/Sgt Laurence Nicholl, Sgt Angus Paterson.

Seated:   They think it is DN Armitage.


Any info please send directly to Patricia at pjnicholl@hotmail.com




Helen Muir.


Helen says:  “I am trying to contact my birth father. His name is Arnold Wayne Mortensen. His service number is: 1735208. He served in the Army and was posted to Vietnam on 26/11/1970.  

106 Field Workshop  26/11/1970 - 30/08/1971, 

102 Field Workshop  31/08/1971 - 25/11/1971..


Could you please let him know that I am trying to contact/find him and that I would love to meet him.


My contact details are:

Helen Muir

0422 828 297



Thank you for your help :)






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