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Page 3 Girl.


Our lovely page 3 girl this edition is Maeve Tennent.


Maeve grew up in Murwillumbah in northern NSW, very close to the NSW/Qld border. Back then she was Maeve Cooper and after she had finished school, as a young girl of 16 and a bit, it was off to Brisbane to find work and she took a job with Greyhound coaches. She stayed with them for a while then changed over to work with Arnotts, which at that time had their factory in the city, on the Brisbane River.


In January, 1966, not long after turning 18, she applied for and was accepted into the WRAAF as a trainee stewardess and after completing rookies at Edinburgh on Course 155, it was off to Wagga for training. The WRAAF OIC at Edinburgh at that time was Sqn Off Beryl Gibney who after a small discretion on Maeve’s behalf, predicted she wouldn’t last in the WRAAF any longer than 6 months. How wrong was she!


In April 1966, after completing the basic Steward’s course at Wagga, it was off to the Officer’s Mess at Richmond.as an ACW Steward. She got her prop early in 1967 then given acting Corporal rank in March 1968 and substantial rank in May that year.


With two hooks on her arm, several postings to Point Cook, Williamtown and 7SD (Toowoomba) followed in quick succession, before she was posted back to Richmond in March 1970. Here, working in the Officers’ Mess, she attended to such VIPs as the then CAS, Sir Neville McNamara, the Governor of New South Wales Sir Roden Cutler, and Mr Justice Kerr (later to be Governor General Sir John Kerr). Mr Justice Kerr was in the early 1970s heading the tribunal looking into Service pay and conditions, and she recalls that on one visit to Richmond he was scheduled to lunch at the Airmen’s Mess on one day and at the Officers’ Mess the day after. The Airmen’s Mess laid on a lavish spread for him, quite unlike the regular menu – but he didn’t get to eat it.


Cpl John Broughton was the President of the Airman’s Mess at the time and when he saw the meal served up to Justice Kerr and the normal everyday meal served up to the airman next in line behind Justice Kerr, he asked him if he would like to swap meals with the following airman so as to really sample an Airman’s every day meal. Justice Kerr readily agreed, much to the horror of Justice Kerr’s Naval aide-de-camp.


It is not known what if any effect this catering gaffe had on his eventual judgement, but the pay rise which the Services subsequently received as a result of Mr Justice Kerr’s deliberations was considerable and very welcome.


In November 1970, not long after turning 22 and while still at Richmond, she got her third hook. This in itself was an achievement as it was a mere 4 years after she had joined the WRAAF. At this time there were only 4 WRAAF Steward positions with the rank of Sergeant and for the ladies in that mustering in the Air Force, Sergeant was as high as you could aspire. Flight Sergeant and above was for the men only. She thought to herself, “here I am at 22, a sergeant and can’t go any higher no matter how long I stay in the Air Force”.


In June 1972, Sgt Maeve was posted to Amberley where she met FSGT Allan Tennent, a former PTI and now a Hygiene Inspector. They were married on 25th January 1975. Allan was promoted to WOFF the following February and later that year both were posted back to Richmond.


One of Maeve’s favourite photos,

with both she and the Caribou reaching the 45 year milestone.  Click HERE


Dare we say  "Two great old girls both of whom served the RAAF with distinction."



Then, in 1977, the WRAAF was incorporated into the RAAF and for female members in many musterings their previously limited career prospects were extended to match those of their male counterparts. Maeve and her fellow ex-WRAAF SGT “Mess Supervisors” lost four years’ seniority in the merger, but at least they could now aspire to WOFF rank. While at Amberley, Maeve went on attachments to Darwin (1977) and RAAF Learmonth (1980), before being posted back to Amberley.


Allan elected retirement with this move and was discharged on arrival at Amberley. Sadly, he passed away in November 2012. Maeve stayed on at Amberley for three and a half years, during which she reached the previously-unattainable rank of FSGT in April 1982. This was followed by spells at Townsville (13 months), Amberley (9 months), East Sale (8 months), and finally back to Amberley, where in 1986 she was promoted to WOFF. She transferred to the RAAFAR and to 23 Squadron in April 1987, where she re-mustered to Cook and coordinated the activities of Operational Support Flight.


While at 23 SQN, she completed the Nijmegen Four Days Marches in The Netherlands in 2000, 2002 and 2004, each time marching more than 160 km over four consecutive days to earn the coveted Vierdaagsekruis (Four Days Cross).


Maeve discharged in 2013 at the compulsory retirement age of 65 after a total of over 47 years of PAF and Reserve service, a wonderful achievement, one that we think will not be bettered.


Maeve’s last day in uniform – click the pic for a bigger view.





The banker saw his old friend Tom, an eighty-year old rancher, in town. Tom had lost his wife a year or so before and rumour had it that he was marrying a 'mail order' bride. Being a good friend, the banker asked Tom if the rumour was true. Tom assured him that it was. The banker then asked Tom the age of his new bride to be. Tom proudly said, 'She'll be twenty-one in November.' Now the banker, being the wise man that he was, could see that the sexual appetite of a young woman could not be satisfied by an eighty-year old man.


Wanting his old friend's remaining years to be happy, the banker tactfully suggested that Tom should consider getting a hired hand to help him out on the ranch, knowing nature would take its own course. Tom thought this was a good idea and said he would look for one right away.


A few months later, the banker ran into Tom in town again. 'How's the new wife?', asked the banker. Tom proudly said, 'Good - she's pregnant.' The banker, happy that his sage advice had worked out, continued, 'And how's the hired hand?' Tom said, 'She's pregnant too.'


Don't ever underestimate old blokes.




Two ex-RadtechA FSGTs,  Peter Roberts and Kev Rosser (with dawg)

going for a ride in a vintage ex-Chinese army sidecar outfit in Mount Isa – back in June 2018.



9 WOD Course, Pt Cook.

We don’t have all the names, or the date, if you can help, please do.



Gordon Reeds, 2nd from left back row, Bill Worrall, 4th from left back row.




The mid-air collision (Sept 1940) of two Avro Ansons on a training flight from No. 2 Service Flying Training School (2SFTS) based at Wagga, resulted in a crash landing. After the collision the two aircraft remained firmly locked together and continued to fly; the trainee pilot in the upper Anson LAC Leonard Fuller, remained at the controls while his navigator, LAC Ian Sinclair, and both crew members of the lower aircraft , LAC Jack Hewson and LAC Hugh Fraser, all parachuted to safety.


Len Fuller successfully crash landed the two aircraft in a paddock but was later killed in a bicycle accident in March 1944.



8 Elementary Flying School

Narrandera, NSW



LAC Elliot Ralph Barnfather, standing in front of a signboard for the RAAF’s No 8 Elementary Flying Training School (8 EFTS) at Narrandera, NSW. A barrister and solicitor from Geelong, Victoria, prior to enlistment, Elliot trained initially at 8 EFTS before being shipped to Canada to continue his training under the Empire Air Training Scheme (EATS) at No 2 Air Observers' School (2AOS), Edmonton, Alberta.


He received his 'wing' as an air observer on 22 June 1941. Commissioned after his training, Flying Officer Barnfather was a crew member of 218 Squadron RAF Stirling bomber N6071, radio call sign HA-G, which was shot down near Lyne, Denmark, on 18 May 1942. He was fatally wounded after parachuting from the aircraft.


He was 27 years of age.




Interior view of the Airmen's Barracks, No 2 Air Observers' School (2 AOS) Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Elliot Barnfather wrote on the reverse of the photo - "This is where we sleep. That big tin thing on the roof is the heater - hot air comes out and the place is automatically kept at about 70 degrees (21C) . You'll see all the kitbags are off the floor so that each morning the floor - covered with lino - is cleaned out. There are plenty of hooks on the wall to hang the clothes we also get boxes - as you can see - or suitcases to keep odds and ends in. This photo was taken before we arrived and although it’s not shown, we get pillowcases. The door on the right goes straight into a bathroom. The bunks are pretty good but inclined to rock a bit when the other bloke gets in and out of his bed."




WRAAF Supervisors’ Course.

11 July 1975


(Heather Marsh [Rendall] sent us these pics)


Back row L-R:   Jill Buckland,  Margaret Curtis,  Sue Bath,  Andrea O’Brien,  Heather Rendall,  Dennise Ireland,  Betty Frank,  Glenda Foureur,  Maureen Taylor.

Middle row L-R:   Jan Phillips,  Cheryl Fridd,  Julie Czelowski,  Rhonda Griffiths,  Helen Marciniak,  Robyn Cook,  Elva Reid,  Chris Kleiden.

Front row L-R:   Kay Hammer,  Claire Baker,  FltOff McDowell,  SqnOff Margaret Cass,  Dawn Dennis,  Jill Patterson,  Robyn Carey. 




Remember when you used to be able to ring a person 57 times and hang up

and they never knew it was you.    Good times.




Plotter Course, Nov 1974


Back row L-R:   Rick Zornada,  Andrew Gardner,  Greg Tanner,  Tony Brown.

Middle row L-R:   Mary Baldock,  Jenny Cullen,  Vicki Reeves,  Gislaine Roussel,  Jenny Rodda,

Front row:   Lyn Smith,  Betty Reid,  Elaine Whitehead,  Heather Rendall.



Plotter Course, Sept 1975



Standing L-R:   Janet Hefford,  Gary Challis,  Greg White, Graeme Edgar,  Bruce Brown,  Mark Emmett,  Neil Foster,  Geoff Elliott,  Debbie McAllister.

Seated L-R:   Sonya Hackett,  Liz McKay,  Heather Rendall,  Betty Reid,  Mary Baldock,  Chris Skouse,  Jenny Wild.







CPE, Laverton, 1973

Sorry, no first names)


Back Row L-R:  AJ Prollocks,  RR Pym,  RE Burges,  BH Morris,  RJ McMillan,  TS Kingston,  DM Rudder,  G Lacerenza,  SF Newell,  PA Kelly,  BT Orrock,  KW Joy,  GW Braybon,  BM Carr,  BH Leddicoat,  HV Moffat,  EJ Pickering,  RC Halloran,  M Gurr

Third Row L-R:  RG Brewster,  JT Singleton,  TW Cox,  M Clark,  R Francis,  GR Koch,  A Wharton,  NJ Crawford,  RV Svensen,  FD Quiller.  P Fahey,  BP Coyles,  RF Lobegeiger,  GM Gretton,  CM Vermaes,  TE Sturtridge

Second Row L-R   E Arliss,  AJ McGoldrick,  R Graham,  FT Reeves,  D Weaver,  G Leeon,  BK Proctor,  Heather Rendall,  MA Melhan,  JB Symonds,  JC Barlow,  AE Vanderzanden,  BJ Boon,  LG Taylor,  MJ Topp,  SE Oates,  G Hansen,  RC May,  J Mason,  W Dunlop.

Front Row L-R:   ML Baldock,  HH Cox,  AM Brooks,  LJ Golding,  RE Bradley,  RA Markham,  NM Cooper,  NM Hennessy,  WF Murphy,  WT Riggs,  NJ Burton,  IC Johnstone,  FA McGrath,  PR Buesnel,  RW Poulton,  YJ Hage,  GS Love,  GJ Chambers,  A Pope.




CPE Laverton, 1975

(Sorry, no names)





CPE Laverton,  1976


6th Row L-R:   Danny Hand,  Laurie Hockey,  Rob Garrard,  B Clark,  P Lyon,  Bob Swinton,  Pat Henson,  Gary Koch,  Peter Collis,  Mark Wilson,  Roger O’Connor,  Bill Oldham,  Harry Dukes.

5th Row L-R:  Glen Milliken,  Ken Rowland,  Steve Walsh,  Gary Bassett,  Mike Cuthill,  Errol Ryan,  Kev Ginnane,  Paul Hounsom,  Noel Brown,  D Leoporati,  Ron Russell,  Ted Pickering.

4th Row L-R:   Otto Cossalter,  Fritz Horvath,  Keith McIntosh,  Steve Raynor,  Earnie Arliss,  Geoff Elliott,  Mal Page,  Phil Pearce,  Ted Jeffrey,  Des Masters.

3rd Row L-R:  George Edwards,  Rick Holmes,  Pancho Villa,  Bill Murray,  Greg Mathie,  Ian Cooper,  Peter Doherty,  Phil Whiteman.

2nd Row L-R:   Lyn Smith,  Chris Elliott,  Betty Reid,  Lynne Harris,  Mary Baldock,  Brenda Proctor, Heather Rendall,  Janet Wedlock,  Bonnie Boon,  Jenny Wild.

Front Row L-R:   Bob Hawley,  P Harris,  Eric Klukkeri,  John Armstrong,  Don Wilson.




My doctor told me to avoid any unnecessary stress, so I didn't open his bill.



CPE Laverton,  1977


7th Row L-R:   Noel Brown,  Stuart Nichol,  Mark Wilson,  Laurie Wolfe,  Tom Fehily,  Rob Garrard,  Steve Crouch.

6th Row L-R:   Roger Horgan,  Brian Moss,  Fritz Horvath,  Peter Collis,  Steve Walsh,  Mick Bobin,  Tom Cox,  Gary Challis.

5th Row L-R:   Keith McIntosh,  Noel Brown,  Phil Pearce,  Rod Pym,  Malcolm Page,  Paul Hounsom,  Geoff Elliott,  Rus May,  Steve Raynor.

4th Row L-R:   Brenda Proctor,  Heather Rendall,  Chris Elliott,  Anna Meek,  Jenny Wild,  Merilyn Chambers,  Janet Wedlock,  Jenny Rodda,  Betty Reid,  Bonnie Boom.

3rd Row L-R:   Ron Francis,  Dave Weaver,  Ted Jeffrey,  Pat Henson,  Gen Millican,  Ron Lobegeiger,  Errol Ryan,  Bob Swinton,  Graeme Dickson,  Dave Rudder,  Ken Rowlands.

2nd Row L-R:   Rick Holmes,  Mary Baldock,  Roy Markham,  Mick O’Brien,  George Edwards,  Fred Quiller,  Peter Cox,  Peter Doherty,  Jim Booth,  Ian Cooper,  John Moffit,  Graeme Chambers.

Front Row L-R:   Barry Ditchburn,  John Armstrong,  Eric Klukkeri,  Steve Clutterbuck,  Don Wilson.



CPE Laverton,  1979.

Sorry - no names.




Don't use a big word when a singularly unloquacious and diminutive linguistic expression will satisfactorily accomplish the contemporary necessity.




Rookies, Nov 1968


Margaret O’Heir sent us this, her brother Ray Rose is in the pic. She doesn’t know all the names or the Course number, can anyone help?


Back Row L-R:   Don’t know,  Tony “Hook” Finch, ? Sappiatzer,  Frank “Moose” Oostenbroek,  Ron Mehrtens,   Don’t know, Don’t know, Ron Cooper.

Middle Row L-R:   ? Lawson,  Don’t know,  Chris “Ding” Bell,  Don’t know,  Don’t know,  Don’t know,  Vince Manion.

Front Row L-R:   Gus Tretow-loof,  Don’t know,  Don’t know,  Don’t know, Danny Dwyer,  Don’t know, Peter Rosinski,  Don’t know,  Ray Rose.

DI (out front)  Cpl William O’Rourke.







I might as well go to work – I’m in a bad mood anyway.




1123 RTU Course

Sorry, no names.





Make sure to stand in the middle of group photos

It will be harder to crop you out later.




35 Sqn Radio Section, Vung Tau.



Jack Bennett (seated) and Bruce Barter working on the 618T and antenna coupler.




Procrastinators Unite!.......tomorrow.




2 Sqn, Phan Rang.



Building the accommodation complex for RAAF personnel at Phan Rang, 1967. The tent lines in the background housed the RAAF personnel while construction was in progress.



Robert Graham, writing up the evening menu on the blackboard at the 2 Squadron mess at Phan Rang, in April, 1969.




2 Sqn fire trucks, Phan Rang.  1970.



Bruce Gluyas and “Shonky” Shelton.


Ernie Gimm sent us this, he says:  “I must have taken this in 1960-61 as they were both Cpls at the time and Shonky was my Shift NCO (whenever he decided to show up for work)”.






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