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Sick Parade.


If you know someone who is a bit crook,

let us know so we can give them a shout out.


Jack Beggs.


Neil Hunter got in touch he says “Just got off the phone with Shirley Beggs (right) – wife of ex-WOff Jack Beggs – Telstech. Shirley phoned and advised that Jack has missed the last 2 or 3 reunions because of his diabetes. He lost a couple of toes and then had a small stroke that affected his memory which now comes and goes. Unfortunately, while he was in care, his dressings were not attended to properly and he developed an infection. He was put back into hospital and had to have his leg amputated.


Shirley has managed to get him into a good nursing home and things seem much brighter but he has withdrawn into himself and refuses to join in nursing home activities. He sits in his room and watches TV most of the time. Jack’s daughter lives about 20 mins away from the Home and Shirley goes over on weekends and stays with her so she can visit Jack. Shirley has the house on the market so she can move closer.


Shirley has asked that the above be made known. She feels that anyone living close, who might be able to visit occasionally, might draw him out of himself.


He is in the Peter Cosgrove House, Narrabeen ANZAC Village, Narrabeen NSW 2101”.




Ted Ilton.


Ted, who is one of nature’s gentlemen, is not travelling too well at the moment. A short while ago he was diagnosed with a tumour on the brain and spent a few nights in Wesley Hospital (Brisbane) for some radiation treatment. He left there full of hope but unfortunately, at a recent check-up his hopes were well and truly dashed.


It seems not only had the radiation treatment failed to halt the growth of that terrible tumour but the rotten thing has now spread to other parts of his body, particularly into his lungs. That, coupled with the dreaded Parkinson's that is now making itself well and truly noticed means the prognosis is not the best, but although the speech is a bit blurred and the old legs don’t do as they are told, he’s still got a wicked sense of humour and his spirits are high. He reckons it's about time he apologised to all those little blokes he's run over.


Ted has just finished his book which tells of the time from when he was a young kid living next to the Base at Laverton up to and including his time in the RAAF. It's a great read and you can see it HERE.


If you know Ted, we know he’d love you to give him a call, his number is 0412 795 337.


Ted at his “desk” in his room at the Domain Aged Care Facility, Tweed Heads – still working!!





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