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The Magazine by and for Serving and Ex-RAAF People,

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Where are they now?



17 Appy – the Lizards.


Kev Trimmer got in touch, he says,


"Hi all, I was just showing off some old pics to Trish of “some old times” via your magazines, had a good laugh.


We (No 17 apprentice intake - LIZARDS) through Bob Ireland, are looking for a few old pics, namely one of number Six Flight on initial training back in 1963.  I was on that flight. 


If you have the pic, or maybe you can ask for in your magazine??? please do.


Our Intake is having a reunion on Phillip Island in March 2015.  Maybe I/we could send you a story or a pic or two after.


Enjoy reading your magazines - you produce a good memory"


HERE's a couple you might not have seen for a while Kev, though I notice your hair was a bit darker back then - tb




Brian Patten.


Jane Tan got in touch, she says: My husband and I would like to contact Brian Patten who served with the RAAF in Butterworth, Malaysia, in the 1970s.


Please let him know that Dennis Kam and Jane Tan would like to keep in touch with him again.


We are now living in Hamilton, New Zealand”.




Ron Thompson.


Michelle Robins says, “Hello, I’m not sure if I have contacted the right person but I am trying to find out details of my father’s involvement in Vietnam with 35 Sqn squadron. Ron was a Radio Technician and a Sergeant at the time and was in Vung Tau from March 1971 to Feb 1972.”


If you knew Ron please get in touch with us and we’ll put you in touch with Michelle.





Larry O’Brien.


Ray Buck got in touch, he says, In Vol 46, page 19, I saw the comments from Kev Rosser and wondered if you could pass my email address onto Kev.  I believe he will be in Brisbane sometime soon and would like to catch up with him.


On another matter, I would like to try to find two people:


Larry O'Brien (wife Barbara). I first met Larry in Williamtown in 1978 at the Radio Section of 481 Sqn.  I again served with him in Butterworth.  Larry came back to serve in 5Sqn in Canberra and the last time I saw Larry was in Townsville where he was with 33 Sqn.


Bob Taylor (wife Sandy). I first met Bob when he was posted to 478Sqn Radio Section in 1979.  I also served with him at Maintenance Squadron East Sale in 1989.


I would appreciate any contact information.




Bill Dickey.


Rebecca White got in touch she said, “I am searching for a member of the Australian Military.  I am looking for Bill Dickey.  I am not sure if his first name was Bill or William and I may have his last name misspelled as well.  I work with a retired U.S Marine Colonel by the name of Howard Lovingood.  Colonel Lovingood knew Bill from a six month stent in North Vietnam during the period of 1966-1967 with or in the Montagnards.  I believe with the Rhade people.  I am hoping that I can locate Mr. Dickey for the Colonel so that they may get in contact with each other.  Thank you for time and help.  Rebecca S. White”


We checked the Vietnam Nominal Roll and found this record which could be the person for whom Rebecca is searching. This Bill would now be 82 years old………. (click both for a bigger view)




We have also found this – perhaps Howard has left his run a bit late….



If you can provide any additional info, get in touch with us and we’ll pass on the info to Rebecca. -  tb.



Lionel Veale.


Frank Richardson got in touch, he said "Re the story on Page 19 Volume 46:  This is a very long shot - before joining the RAAF I worked as a Telegram Boy (JPO) with the Post Master General's Department in Southport Qld from 1958 to 1961.  I knew Lionel Veale and still remember a few of the things he told me about his wartime service behind the lines in PNG.  One of the stories was about a United States Air Force bloke who survived the crash (shooting down?) of his aircraft. Lionel led the person to safety.  The survivor was an officer of the USAF.


I lost touch with Lionel from June 1961 but he might still be alive and living on the Gold Coast.  I will try to find his address and contact details. This link reveals Lionel Veale as alive in February 2014.  I hope he is still with us - he was such a great bloke".




"Re my previous email messages.  Lionel Veale is still alive and lives on the Gold Coast.  Lionel was 96 years old on 30 August this year.  However, Lionel reckons it was not him who led the United States Air Force officer to safety but it might have been Matt Foley who was operating around Rabaul at the time. Matt Foley died recently but his son and daughter still live on the Gold Coast.  Lionel will find their phone numbers and let me know.  They just might remember something.


If not Matt Foley, two other 'possibles' are Ian Skinner and Malcolm Wright."



Dennis Crawford.


Jon Firth got in touch, he says,  “I love the mag, thanks so much for your dedication to it. I've been trying to find a long lost friend named Dennis (Joe) Crawford, we served together at 1AD in the 1970s. Could you ask if anyone knows his whereabouts?


Many thanks".


Jon – start off a mail like that and you can have anything……..tb





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