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News and Reunions.



East Sale Reunion.


Lyn Mitchell would like everyone who was at East Sale during their RAAF career to know that a reunion is planned for the 7th – 9th November 2014.



A meet and greet is planned for the Friday (7th) at the Criterion Hotel in Macalister St. For those who haven’t been back to Sale for a while, the Criterion has had a total facelift and is now a quality eating spot. A Bistro Dinner and drinks will be available but not organised so if you wish to partake, it is at your own leisure.


The organisers are still working on activities for the day light hours of the Saturday and would welcome any suggestions. Some may wish to tour some of the favourite sites from the old days. There are the parking spots around Lake Guthridge that will most certainly bring back memories of watching the ‘wildlife’ well into the night as will the Swing Bridge, which also involved a good deal of wildlife and is now a designated as a “Historic Site”.


The reunion Dinner will be held at the Criterion Hotel on the Saturday Night. These dinners usually turn into an opportunity to tell a few “truths” about our early days and it is certain that this one will be no different.


On Sunday morning there will be the usual farewell Breakfast sick parade at the hotel. Further details will be made know as they are finalised.


There is plenty of accommodation around Sale and the surrounds. The Caravan Park on the highway to Melbourne and the Stratford Motel do not seem to have changed since 1967.


A good cheap place to stay is the Gippsland Hotel, below, it’s close to everything and although it’s not 5 star, the beer’s cold, counter lunches are great, the beds are comfy and the rooms are clean and cost only $40/night, though we reckon it would be a good idea to book as there aren’t a lot of them. You can ring them on 03 5144 4003.



Click HERE to see the list of those attending (as at 15Sept2014)


If you want to know more, contact Jim Birrell at jim.birrell@bigpond.com



486 Mntce reunion


Peter Sutton advises that there will be a reunion for all blokes and blokettes who had worked at 486 Mntce Sqn which operated from Aug 1946 - Oct 1998. The reunion will be held at The Chairman’s Lounge, Penrith Panthers Stadium on the 25th October, doors close at 6.00pm. If you would like to attend, please log on HERE where you can register your interest.


Dress: Smart Casual.  (Please note that dress requirements are set by the club, therefore, please check with Penrith Panthers if you are unsure about your chosen outfit).


Further info can be obtained from Mrs Sarah Lacey (sarahlacey@iprimus.com.au) or via the facebook page:  RAAF 486SQN Reunion


The cost is $45 plus a booking fee of $0.30



The founder of match.com, Gary Kremen,

lost his girlfriend to a man she met on match.com.





The 20 riders, all old buggers aged between 65 and 75, finished their Nullarbor crossing at Kings Square Park in Fremantle on Sunday the 21 September. In all, they had ridden 2400 klms on tiny 50cc motor scooters and the only problem they had was one puncture, an amazing feat when you consider the average lawn mower has a 150cc motor – 3 times the size of the scooter motors. These little machines carried their charges across the Nullarbor at an eye-popping average speed of 60 klms/hour.


And at last count, they had raised just under $75,000 for BeyondBlue


The Scootarbor Challenge was the brain child of 73-year-old Queenslander Ian “Jake” Jacobsen. Jake said he organised the ‘challenge’ with two aims in mind, one was to raise funds for BeyondBlue and the other was to inspire Aussie seniors to get the most out of and to enjoy life and to promote the value of older people to the broader community. Jake reckons “our age makes us an asset, not a liability” and who could argue with that after what those 20 blokes and blokettes had accomplished.


The weather for the trip was excellent – except for the final leg when WA turned on the water works and gave all the riders a well-overdue bath.




Right, Senior Sergeant Mark Mackin (on the left) and Ian (Jake) Jacobsen. Jake is a practicing EX, he's an ex Apprentice, an ex Caribou driver, ex CO 34Sqn, ex RAF CFS, ex Antarctica expeditionary bod and now an ex champion scooter driver.


Mark and Ted McEvoy drove the Scootabus from Perth across to Port Augusta.   Mark (and his partner Anne) then stayed with the group until Eucla from where they drove back to Perth.


Mark was a great help to the troops, and before they started out he taught them how to ride in a convoy safely. Then two of his WA motorcycle copper mates just "happened" to be in Midland at the same time as the troops and also just "happened" to be proceeding to Fremantle so they escorted the riders into Freo.


It was amazing to see just how observant and polite the other Perth drivers were to them!!









Ted McEvoy, (right), caught here at the finishing post with a look of total disbelief on his face.


Ted had just taken a sip of the drink he had been given by the organisers and was astonished to find it was hot coffee, not Negrita which is his usual morning tipple.













John “Griffo” Griffiths, on the phone here trying to find the closest toilet, just couldn't believe he’d finally got that vibrating two wheeled buzz-box from between his legs, he was just so glad he could at last stand on his own two feet.


“On the ground Perth, cancel SAR.”





You can still donate to the Scootarbor Challenge, click HERE.




The bikes the blokes and blokettes rode were Piaggio Typhoons, a classic little European 50 cc, single cylinder, 2 stroke machine.


Piaggio/Vespa have been making scooters for 60 years so they know what they are doing, these little things, although not designed to be riden across the country have definitely proven their reliability.


The Scooter Shop in Fremantle provided the machines.



The Fremantle Council donated $300 to the Scootarbor's coffers.


L-R:   David Marr, Ted McEvoy, Brad Pettit (Mayor of Fremantle), Bill Massie (Fremantle Councillor).



A female ferret will die if she doesn't have sex for a year.





1.               Operations Oboe – North Borneo.

The Australian Repatriation Commission is seeking veteran nominations for a commemorative mission to Borneo in June 2015. Only eight veterans will be selected. Veterans may self-nominate. Nominations close 15 December 2014. For further details and nomination forms please contact me or Wayne Johnston at wa_kv@ozemail.com.au


2.               70th Anniversary - Victory in Europe.

The Australian Repatriation Commission is seeking veteran nominations for a commemorative mission to the United Kingdom and Europe in early May 2015 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the declaration of Victory in Europe. Only eight veterans will be selected. Veterans may self-nominate. Nominations close at 5.00pm 0n Friday 24 October 2014. For further details and nomination forms please contact me or Wayne Johnston at wa_kv@ozemail.com.au


3.               Battle of Britain wreathlaying ceremony.

A reminder that the annual wreathlaying ceremony will be (was) held in the Western Courtyard of the Australian War Memorial on Monday 15 September at 10.30am.



Bob Weight

Vice President

RAAF Association (ACT Division)

Po Box 770 Dickson ACT 2602

Ph: 0412 427 346Email: bob.weight@bigpond.com

Web: www.act.raafa.org.au




Avalon 2015.




Preparations are well underway for the Avalon Air-Show 2015.


Held every two years, the Air Show is well established as a regular feature on the world aviation, aerospace and defence calendar.


It is the nation's largest and most comprehensive aviation, aerospace and defence exposition and encompasses the full range of military and civil aviation and aerospace, as well as air and land defence. It enjoys major support from the Australian Defence Force (in particular the RAAF) and the Defence Materiel Organisation of the Department of Defence.


The event is also extensively supported by other Australian Government agencies, industry organisations and aviation associations.


The Air Show relies heavily on volunteers to make it work and in return those volunteers get to see a wonderful air show, get to meet some wonderful people and generally have a fabulous time. If you’ve never done it before, why not be a volunteer. See HERE


You can register HERE



Historical Radio Society of Australia.


Kevin Poulter

We all have memories of our family radios and earlier versions owned by our grandparents. Every few years, the Historical Radio Society of Australia (HRSA) assembles a multitude of vintage radios and accessories in a central location for Australia’s largest Radio Exhibition. The HRSA is a not-for-profit Society, dedicated to preserving Australia’s Radio history, enabling current and future generations to relive and wonder at the Golden years of Radio. To put it in perspective, museums typically display about five radios, whereas HRSA members collectively preserve over 30,000 radios! 



After a very successful event in Melbourne during 2012, Canberra was chosen as the host city for RadioFest 2014. It was held at University House, in the ANU grounds, during the weekend of September 19 to 21st.


Sunday’s RadioFest sale and exhibition was open to all, with displays and a huge market of every conceivable Radio, parts, books and ephemera. Collections on display included the magnificent output of Philips Radio at the height of its golden period, old telephones, early and intriguing transistor radios, plus much more.


If you’re into vintage radio you should become a member of the HRSA. Becoming a member to access all events is easy. At just $35 a year, including the quarterly colour magazine, access to circuits and 50,000 valves plus parts and so much more, like monthly meetings and regular auctions, the HRSA has to be the best value. And no, it’s not a typo, the Society has over 50,000 valves available for members, in an era when valves are often considered “as scarce as hen’s teeth”. You can get more info on membership HERE.




10/11 Sqn 75th Anniversary


July and September 1939 marked the formation of Number 10 and Number 11 Squadrons with Number 10 Squadron becoming the first RAAF unit to see active service in World War 2 in November of that year. To recognise these significant milestones, a series of reunion and celebration events is planned for the weekend of 3-5 Oct 2014. All former and current members of Number 10 and 11 Squadron are invited to attend one or all of the planned events below. Former members of 492 Squadron will also be invited to attend along with members of Maritime and RAAF Associations to recognise the long standing partnership between the maintainers and aircrew of the RAAF maritime force.


The weekend will include a "Hangar Bash" on the Friday evening with activities such as formation flypasts, handling displays and a 10 vs 11 sporting match on Saturday 4 Oct. The weekend will culminate in a formal dinner at the Adelaide convention centre on the Saturday night. Throughout the weekend the P3 and VPI clubs will be open to allow old rivalries and reunions to be revived! All events are open to your partners and families.


The events will offer the chance for current members of the two Squadrons to get together in a number of settings and to meet with the veterans of 10 and 11 Squadron.


Please mark the weekend of 3-5 Oct 2014 in your diary and join in the celebration of two great Maritime Squadrons.


You can find further information HERE






At the 2012 London Olympics, which lasted for 17 days,

the athletes were provided with 150,000 free condoms - approximately 15 each.




Vietnam Vets Association

Sunshine Coast Sub-Branch inc.



All Ex and Serving RAAF Members are invited to participate in a Remembrance and Wreath laying ceremony being held at the Queensland Air Museum at Caloundra Airport on Monday the 3rd November 2014, at the Caribou A4-173 ex RTFV/35Sqn (Wallaby Airlines) Vung Tau.


The service will start at 1015 hrs. The Remembrance service will be to mark the remembrance of all RAAF personnel who served in units and Squadrons involved in the Vietnam War and other theatres of war as well as Peacekeeping and Peacemaking. Colin Rose will lead the service in prayer and following the Ceremony there will be a morning tea provided.


If you are able to participate, could you please RSVP to vvaasc@bigpond.net.au attention Mal Sayers (Snr Vice Pres) or phone 07 5492 7117, by the 25th October 2014.




Telephone: 07 5479 4552

Mobile: 0400 337 174

PO Box 533 Welfare





F-111 Deseal/Reseal.


DVA has commenced the Fourth Study of Mortality & Cancer Incidence in F-111 Aircraft Maintenance Personnel who were involved in the Deseal/Reseal (DSRS) programs during 1977-2000.


This study is expected to be completed in 2015 and follows on from three previous studies completed in 2003, 2004 and 2009 as part of a broader Study into the Study of Health Outcomes of Aircraft Maintenance Personnel (SHOAMP).


The Fourth Study will provide a better understanding of the rates of cancer and mortality for those who participated in F-111 Deseal/Reseal work. The passage of time and an expanded study group has provided an opportunity to improve on the previous studies.


Health issues can take a long time to develop. This statistical study will ensure DVA has a more accurate picture of the cancer and mortality of those personnel compared to their RAAF peers and the general community.


For more information please follow this link to the F-111 Website - Inquiries & Studies page -http://f111.dva.gov.au/inquiries_studies.htm


See also the Royal Australian Air Force website F-111 Deseal/Reseal page HERE.



Please take a few minutes and complete the following anonymous survey.

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world's leading questionnaire tool.



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