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In Memory Of


Terry Horsley.


Sav Rebecchi, a friend of Terry’s got in touch with us, he says, “We received the news of Terry's passing on the 15th July 2014. He was a loyal friend, grand performer and one heck of a guy! His work for us on The Record was of someone who truly cared about open government, for the people and from the people. Even though his mother land was Australia he loved our form of governing. We'll miss you mate.” Sav says, “I remember him talking about the Air Force and his radio work... often. He was diagnosed with Leukaemia 5 years ago and had been doing pretty well in slowing down the advancement. Unfortunately a recent infection got the best of him but he put up one hell of a fight.  He has been enjoying his forced retirement by performing in local singing groups and Community Theatre. He worked with me on an Open Government project that videos local government meetings and posts them on the web for public access.”


“Terry had been admitted to hospital to deal with an infection and was due to start chemotherapy. Things took a turn for the worse and resulted in a rapid decline. He fought a good battle and was singing throughout, much to everyone's delight, including medical staff and other patients. Even in his last days everyone was touched by his good humour and beautiful voice and engineering skills to let the staff know how to run their equipment.”


We knew Terry from Radschool, we were on 62 RMC back in 1966 and then 41 RTC with him in 1967 and although we were posted to different parts of the planet after that and didn’t see each other again, he was one of those blokes you never forgot. Being a Melbourne boy he knew where all the good “spots” were and as Melbourne was in the grip of 6 o’clock closing back then, he also knew where all the sly groggers were. His favourite haunt back then was the old London Hotel in Elizabeth St where he was on first name basis with most of the staff. We remember going into town with him in his old FJ in what we reckon would have been record time – a record that we reckon would still stand today. He could make an FJ sing – though we don’t remember much of the trip as we had our eyes closed most of the way.


Sadly, God takes all the good blokes first.


Terry leaves a son Geoff, daughter Toni and partner Carolee. You can see some recent pics of Terry HERE.




Ronald Martin Christie.


Colin Lacey got in touch, he says, “The Canberra Times has listed the Funeral Notice for Ron Christie who died on Sunday 13th July in Canberra. I have spoken to Ron's wife, Heather Christie, who has agreed that I pass on the notice for you to advise our people of Ron's death and funeral arrangements. I ask that you might post the following details as you normally do, Wing Commander Ronald Martin Christie (retired) was born on the 10th August 1930. He was the loved and loving husband of Heather Anne, much loved father of Dawn, Scott and Malcolm, loving father-in-law of Joan and Lisa, Grandpa of Alan and Pa of Kya.


Laurie Lindsay says “I first met Ron when he taught one of the RAAF equipments to my apprentice course in 1962. He was a sergeant RADTECHG and was commissioned in the early sixties. I became firm friends with him in the mid sixties when he was in charge of the RAAF Athletics Club”. Ron did a tour of Vietnam from April 1968 to April 1969 as the Flt Lt RADO at 1 OSU, Vung Tau.


Ron’s funeral service was held in the Chapel of Norwood Park Crematorium (ACT) on Monday 21st July 2014.




Ray Arlott.


Bevan Delaney, advises that Ray Arlott passed away on the 16th July 2014 in Canberra. Bevan says, “Raymond John Arlott was a Teleg and served in Ubon and Butterworth. He had been unwell for some time and we were toying with the idea of attending the Rathmines Reunion later this year”.




Keith Bosley.


John “Sambo” Sambrooks advises that Keith passed away on the 13th August.


Keith was a framie, turned Loadmaster on the Caribou and did a tour of Vietnam from April 1966 to December 1966. On returning to Australia he was posted to 37 sqn and went back to Vung Tau on 6 occasions between May 1968 to June 1970. He left the RAAF in 1971 and joined Cathay Pacific.


A Requiem Mass for the repose of his soul was offered at St. Monica's Catholic Church, Tugun (Qld) on Tuesday 19th August 2014 after which he was buried at the Kyogle Lawn Cemetery, Kyogle, NSW on Wednesday 20th August 2014.




Erica Faulkner.


Geoff Brand advises the passing of Erica Faulkner on the 12 August after a courageous battle with melanoma. Erica was the wife of former Djinnang Treasurer and committee member Ron Faulkner. Erica gave tirelessly in assisting Ron with the affairs of Djinnang.


She was buried at the Mt Thompson Crematorium (Brisbane) on Wednesday 20 August.




John Loulias


Brian Gilchrist got in touch, he says “We have lost a good friend. John Loulias passed away on Sunday night 31st August.. John and his family have been living in Newcastle since his discharge.




Barry Walker.


Barry Walker, Lately the Caloundra RSL Sub Branch Secretary, passed away peacefully on the 2nd September 2014, aged 69 years. Barry’s funeral was held at the Gregson and Weight Chapel in Caloundra on Friday 5th September 2014.


As a mark of respect the RSL flew their flags at half-mast from 2.45pm on theFriday.




Peter Critchley.


Ross Martin advises that Peter, who joined the RAAF in 1966 and was a Clerk Admin at Radschool Apprentice Squadron, Laverton, passed away on the 19th August. He had retired in 1987 as Squadron Leader Critchley.


He was posted to Point Cook for OTS and commissioned as an AdminO in 1975 after which he was posted to Wagga, then in 1978 he was off to Central Flying School at East Sale, then across the road to the School of Air Navigation in 1979, then back to Melbourne and Support Command in 1980, back to Point Cook in 1982, across Geelong Rd to Radschool in 1984, then Glenbrook in 1985 and finally back to Tottenham in 1986.


Peter was born on the 31st October 1946 at Bundaberg Qld and died in Melbourne on the 19th August 2014 – at age 67, far too young. His far too early death was due to Pulomonary Fibrosis which was diagnosed 5 years ago. He suffered a rapid and terminal deterioration early in August.







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