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News and Reunions!








Herc Lovers.


On the 23rd November, a bunch of blokes who had either worked on, flown or flown in the mighty Herc, along with their ladies, got together at Richmond to celebrate the 60 years since the first A model arrived on our shores. Australia was the second Air Force in the world, after the USAF, to operate the C-130.



In all, the RAAF has had 48 C-130 aircraft in a variety of different models:




In Service



A Model

1958 - 1978

36 Sqn


E Model

1966 - 2000

37 Sqn


H Model

1978 - 2006

36 Sqn


J Model

1999 - current

37 Sqn


Back in 1958 the A Model cost $1,067,000 each. The E Models cost $12,000,000 each, the H model $30,000,000 each and the J model costs in excess of $62,000,000 each. Inflation?? The C-130 has been a hugely successful aircraft for Lockheed which in 2015 had produced in excess of 2,500 aircraft in 12 different variants.


The Anniversary get together started on the Friday morning at “Ma’s” hotel at Clarendon which is just south of the runway at Richmond and only a stone’s throw from the Herc hangars and which was a popular watering hole for many on a Wednesday afternoon “sporty”. At 11.00am buses transported everyone onto the base for a tour of the old Hangar One where two H model airframes, (A97-010 and A97-012), have been joined together to make a “virtual” J model airframe for Loadmaster training. Having a “virtual” J model frees up the 12 J’s the RAAF has for Tasks, (two are always ‘on task’ in the Middle East and two usually in deep maintenance) and does not wear them out by “flying around the flagpole” just to train Loadies. The set-up is pretty realistic with recorded noises, lighting etc.


This was followed by a great BBQ at 37 Sqn HQ (which included the current Squadron personnel), followed up by an inspection of Hanger 320 and a real C-130J.


After lunch, it was back to the Clarendon Hotel (which used to be know as the Aerodrome Hotel, [Ma’s] before it burnt down and was replaced by the current Hotel), where the official formalities for the day took place. The key note speaker was Sir Angus Houston who used to be a Bog Rat on Herc’s a couple of life time’s ago. Once that was out of the way it was time to imbibe – which most did with a vengeance.


Some of the revellers include



Rod Totten, Col Coyne, Bob Pearman.



John Broughton,  Kimberley, who keeps the drinks rolling at Ma’s,  Col Coyne.




Some of the revellers at Ma’s.




Rod Totten,  Jack Hunt,  Bob Carpenter,  Keith Beardsmore,  John Broughton.



Eamon Hamilton, RAAF PR (right) wrote: "Veterans have joined Air Force members to celebrate 60 years of C-130 Hercules operations in Australia. The first Air Force C-130A was handed over to 36 Sqn in the US in November 1958 and touched down at RAAF Base Richmond on December 13, 1958. CDR Air Mobility Group AIRCDRE William Kourclakos said Hercules crews had been involved with almost every major Defence operation since then. “We’ve recorded more than 830,000 flying hours with four models of the Hercules, all without major accident,” he said. “That record of safety and accomplishment has been made possible by thousands of men and women in Defence and industry, on the ground and in the air.”


Up to 140 past members of the C-130 Hercules community visited Richmond, the Hercules’ home for six decades, on November 23. The Hercules has been a lifeline to Defence operations in Vietnam, South-East Asia and the Middle East and to peacekeeping missions in the South Pacific and Africa. It has delivered humanitarian relief and evacuated survivors in the wake of disasters such as Cyclone Tracy, the Boxing Day tsunami and, most recently, in Palu, Indonesia.


Since 1958, Air Force has flown 48 Hercules airframes across four models and now operates a fleet of 12 C-130J aircraft that were introduced to service in 1999. “Over nearly 20 years, the J-model has received communications and self-protection upgrades that allows it to deliver in tough environments,” AIRCDRE Kourelakos said. “Even with the introduction of newer transports like the Globemaster and Spartan, the C-130 Hercules and its workforce have proven the airlift platform of choice in our region.”


37 Sqn Acft Tech Sgt Daniel Nagy with Framie, Fight engineer “Toby” Tobias and Radtech Keith Beardsmore.  Toby and Keith were on the first Australian training course in the US for the delivery of the C-130A Herc in 1958. The aircraft behind is the “virtual” J training airframe.


Today's Aircraft Technician is a combined, (what we knew), sumpie/framie and looks after after wheels, brakes, hydraulics, engines, turbos, fuel lines and more.  See HERE



The following two plaques were presented to Sir Angus Houston who was the Key Note Speaker at the event.  The Vertical Stabilizer of A97-167 is now the “Gate Guard” at the “new” front gate for RAAF Richmond.





Rod Totten, in front of the virtual J model.



Bob Carpenter, (in the grey jumper) was a RadTech A who re-mustered to Flight Engineer on the E model Herc’s.



The “Virtual” J model.




Two fine old ladies, reduced to training aids.



If you’ve got a little bit of spare time, have a look at the Lockheed story HERE.





I went to the bottle shop last Friday afternoon, bought a bottle of Bundy and put it in the basket on the front of the bike. As I was about to leave, I thought to myself that if I fell off the bike the bottle would break.  So, I drank all the rum before I cycled home. It turned out to be a very good decision because I fell off my bike seven times on the way home.




Where are they now?


A97-180 has recently been written off after a hard landing in Pakistan, fortunately there was no fatalities.  See HERE


A97-005 was destroyed in a crash in Indonesia in December 2016. Unfortunately, of the Crew of 12 and 1 passenger there were no survivors.  See HERE


A97-212 is the last surviving RAAF ‘A’ model. It has been on the market for several years, but unfortunately there are no takers due to there being no spares or support for 3 bladed props anymore. “12” is to be broken up for parts.  See HERE.




Djinnang Reunion.


Those of you that do no not live in the Brisbane region may not know that the Hotel Jen will be closing its doors at the end of 2018 (sigh!) and we have had to find yet another new venue for our reunion.  Such a shame as it was pretty near perfect for us.  You can thank the Government for this decision.



It has been decided that The Port Office Hotel (Colonial Bar) is the new place to be on 25th May 2019.  The address is 40 Edward Street (Cnr. Margaret St) Brisbane City.  While the Colonial Bar is upstairs, there is also a small lift for those requiring it.  You just have to ask one of the staff members to escort you to the lift.


The normal function times apply, 2pm till 9pm.  There will be a free drink on arrival and platters as per the last few reunions.  Entry will remain the same price as last year, $30 non-perpetual members and $20 perpetual members.


We have a code that can be used at any of the Oaks CBD apartments, 212 Margaret Street (just up the road from the Port Office).  I am not sure how much discount we will get.  The code is “portofficehotel”.  They have a car park here I believe.  If you want a 5 Star Hotel the Stamford Plaza is directly across the road from the Port Office.  Also, opposite the old Botanical Gardens is Royal on the Park, the old Park Royal. These are the three that are closest to the venue I think.


We also have a code for secureparking.com.au.  I just tried a dummy booking and it cost from $9 to $16.  You must be out by midnight though I think.  There are special instructions which I will share closer to the time of the reunion.


Unfortunately, there won’t be a coffee/tea station in the Colonial Bar on the night, but these can be purchased from their Restaurant downstairs.  Dinner can also be purchased downstairs.


Hoping to see you all there on the night to again reminisce and have a few drinkies.  Please spread the word regarding the change in venue.



Gail McDermott

Djinnang Association (Secretary) 






DVA Brisbane is moving!


DVA’s Brisbane State Office is moving from its current address at 259 Queen St (next to the GPO) to 480 Queen St, which for those familiar with Brisbane, is opposite the old Customs House.


The move will take place over two weekends, 12-13 January, and 19-20 January. All phone/fax numbers and email addresses will remain the same.


You can get further info HERE.




Political Correctness gone MAD!


Kimberley Clark, the makers of Kleenex tissues, renames its “Mansize” tissues brand as 'extra large' after complaints from rabid feminists that the original name was sexist. (See HERE)


The new boxes are to be re-named ‘Extra Large’ in a move that has proved controversial on social media. Details of the change by Kleenex appeared on the company’s official Twitter feed and followed complaints from customers. One of them demanded: ‘In this day and age, is it right for Kleenex to have a product that is MANsized? The world is changing, maybe they should too?’


Another customer challenged the firm on the Mansize brand, writing: ‘Really Kleenex? Do women have different colds to men which mean they have different tissues?’ One mother suggested Mansize was sexist and outdated. She wrote: ‘Hi Kleenex, my four-year-old son asked me what was written here. Then he asked, why are they called Mansize? Can girls, boys and mummies use them?... He suggests you should call them “very large tissues”. In the light of this righting of a terrible wrong, shouldn’t Kleenex issue a heartfelt apology to women everywhere, who will doubtless have suffered unspeakable embarrassment, torment and ever-lasting trauma from having been forced to suffer such blatantly sexist branding?


At the moment it appears to be restricted to the UK but you can bet we’ll get it.


And PepsiCo, the owner of Doritos, has been blasted for having the temerity to produce “lady-friendly” chips which are quieter and less messy. They are going to package them in smaller bags so they can fit in hand-bags – HOW DARE THEY!!!


Time to stand up to this crap – we need to know who these anonymous wankers are so we can publicise them – show the silent majority where this crap is coming from.  It’s got to be stopped!!








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