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All-Appy Reunions.

Aust Air cadets Alumni.

Djinnang reunion 2023.

Viet Vets Museum fight.

Radschool 5 valve super-hets.


Radschool Plaque - RAAF Grove.

Ride in Pink - Mt Isa.

Seniors discount guide.

Skyland news.

Welcome to Country.




Radio Apprentices are encouraged to get involved at All-Apprentices Reunions.



Dutchy Holland.


I am the current serving president of the RAAF Apprentices Association. I am inviting all Radio Apprentices to join us at All-Apprentice reunion events.


The RAAF Apprentices Association was born from a reunion group that runs the Brisbane All-Apprentice reunion on the fourth Saturday in February each year. We have been holding these events for many years and, for the most part, it has been trade apprentices that have attended. Since taking the reins we have built a decent website https://raafapprentices.com.au and have become involved with organising the Wagga Wagga All-Apprentices reunion with the Wagga Aircare Association.


One of my priorities is to include the radio apprentices in the group. I am aware that Dick Tracy runs an event in Werribee every January and that there is a decent contingent of Radio Apprentices that attend, but the radio appies that have moved farther afield are not being included.


So I am hereby letting all Radio Apprentices know that we are keen to include you at all our reunion events. At the last Wagga event we had a handful of our radio compatriots attend and they thoroughly enjoyed it. They sat together and talked of old times like the rest of us. They also mingled, catching up with other friends and associates from days past.


We would love to see you all in Wagga in 2023. The event comprises of a Friday night Meet and Greet, a Saturday night Celebration Dinner and a march in the Wagga Wagga ANZAC day parade. This year the event runs from Friday 21st April to Wednesday 26th April. More information on the event can be found under the ‘Events’ tab on the RAAF Apprentice website. Find us by typing’ RAAF Apprentice’ into any search engine. Please note that only general information is available until ticket sales commence on the 1st January 2023. Tickets are purchased on the RAAF Apprentice website.


The respective committees look forward to warmly welcoming you to YOUR reunion in 2023 and beyond.


Dutchy Holland

President RAAF Apprentice Association




Skyland News.


We have two more copies of the irreverent SkyLand News, that great little magazine produced by two irreverent Air Niugini Pilots back in the late 1900’s. You can get PDF copies below.


January 1996 June 1979




5 valve superhet receivers.


Bob Richards, writes:  Gday, could you post something in the magazine asking if anyone has or knows what happened to those 5 valve superhet receivers us RadtechAs built at Radschool during the 1970s. I would love to find a photo of one. My memory is fading on this, think after we built them and Sgt blahblah marked them, did we then dismantle them ready for the next course, someone must have as another ex Radtech told me he remembered that when he built his the parts were all used eg valve socket tags had wires cut still attached.


Just think it might make an interesting story to investigate our 5 valve superhets gone MIA!  Just maybe the ones from the last course when Radschool shut down are stashed in an ADF hangar somewhere. I was on 63 RTC.


On another note, has anything been published previously in the mag about the Radschool closure, how it was done, what happened to all the infrastructure, training aids etc.


Maybe good for a future story!



Have a look HERE Bob.




Djinnang 2023 Reunion.


Gail McDermott, the Secretary of the Djinnang Association says:  “The Paddo Tavern will again be the venue for our Comms Reunion.  This year’s reunion date is Saturday 27th May 2023. 


This year we will be occupying a different function room from last year for our event.  It will be held in The Trophy Room.   This was the original room from 2021.  Enter via the restaurant area (situated at the right of The Paddo as you enter).


The address for The Paddo is 186 Given Terrace, Paddington.  It is approximately 4kms from Brisbane City.



The normal function times apply,  2.00pm till 9.00pm.  There will be a free drink on arrival and platters as per the last few reunions.  Entry will remain the same price as last time - $30 non-perpetual members and $20 perpetual members.


The following items are a definite plus for us:


            No Stairs

            Parking at the venue

            Short bus ride/cab ride from the City

            Tea/Coffee station will be available (constant hot water provided)

            Meals are available for those wishing to dine

            Other bars are available if you want to have a ‘special’ brand of drink


If you are planning on attending, can you please let us know by adding your name to the list on the Djinnang Association Website, see HERE.


Thank you.  It helps with catering.




The guy sat next to me on the train, pulled out a photo of his wife and said, “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” 

I said, “If you think she’s beautiful you should see my misses mate.” 

He said: “Why?  Is she a stunner?”.  “No”, I said, “she’s an optician.”




Plaque in the RAAF Grove in the ACT.


Some years ago, before Covid (BC), Allan George suggested we dedicate a plaque to Radschool in the RAAF Grove in the ATC. He suggested we do it similar to and place it next to the Radio Appy one. We thought it a great idea but of course Covid stepped in and everything was put on hold.


We’re now AC so it’s time to revisit it. Allan has been in touch with the maker and has been warned to expect a price rise – he’ll have that soon. He’s also suggested we have it fitted and then have a dedication ceremony on the 31st March, 2024, (a Sunday) that would be the 103rd anniversary of the formation of the RAAF. We could then have a get together at the Ainslie Club – see here https://www.radschool.org.au/magazines/Vol65/Page17.htm


One possible issue with 31st March, is some years Air Force holds their Anniversary ceremony at The Grove instead of on ANZAC parade. We don’t know what the their plans are for 2024 yet, but it does not make much difference, we could attend the official anniversary activity wherever it is in Canberra and then do our own activity at The Grove at a suitable time on the same day. The Anniversary ceremony usually includes a fly past of some sort, band, guard and speeches etc with CAF in attendance.


Note, above comments are based on BC, the 2021 was 100th and was ‘special’. 2022 was a very quiet event, we don’t know what the AC ‘norm’ will be yet. We will make some enquiries.


What do you think?. If you and your partner, friend, mate would like to be part of a dedication ceremony in the ACT next March (2024), as well as some supporting events, please let us know


First name:




Would/could you attend






Senior’s Discount Guide.


Late in 2022, Your Life Choices released their annual 293 page booklet titled 2022 Seniors Discount Guide. This is a collection of information taken from state seniors discount sites and is not an official guide created by those state departments. Some deals or services in this guide may have expired or been updated. Please note that no information provided constitutes financial advice. YourlifeChoices is a free resource, supported by advertising and is not affiliated with any Australian State or Territory governments.


This booklet could save you hundreds over the year and you can get your free copy HERE.  It will take a few secs to download.




Australian Air Cadets.


The November 2022 edition of the Alumni Magazine is now available, you can get a copy HERE.  It will take a few secs to download.




Ride in Pink.


Peter Roberts, who lives in the Isa, got in touch, he says:  Congratulations on a successful "Scootaville". It's a pity I had to leave at such short notice. I managed to organise a successful "Ride in Pink" rally here in Mount Isa, raising money for the local breast cancer support group. And we've got a Toy Run coming up in aid of Ronald McDonald House. We usually get over 90 bikes in that run.


Jenny and I are supporting a ride in Vietnam in March in aid of the Blue Dragon Children's Foundation. Although a bit late, I was wondering if you could give that rally a plug in the Radschool magazine. The web address is Home - Rally Indochina.


Pete has also provided a few photos of the Pink Ride. – below:


Peter and Jenny Roberts.




Well done mate – Scootaville 2023 is happening in August, now that you’re retired, have another go?




Welcome to Country.


Rod faux got in touch, he says what a lot of people think, he says:  “I look at it this way; I was born in Australia. Both my parents were born in Australia. 2 of my grandparents - mum's mum and dad's dad - were born in Australia. In my various careers in Australia I have worked with a diverse range of Australians of multiple backgrounds. I certainly don't need Ernie Dingoe's made-up bullshit at every event to remind me where I come from or where I can go”.





I also agree with THIS – stuff it, who are the wankers who push this crap, I refuse to take part in it!  tb.


Do I have it all wrong?  Is the "Welcome to Country" an important part of all events and should be recited at all times. Let us know below:


First name





National Vietnam Veterans Museum VCAT fight:

A call to arms



Attached is a flyer addressed to all Vietnam veterans alerting them to a Victorian Civil and Administrative Council hearing at which the NVVM will argue against some objections raised by self-important individuals to the construction of a new museum building on our land. The objections are flimsy, to say the least, and negotiations to settle the matters without recourse to VCAT have stalled.


Ironic that one of the objectors is the very same person who sold us the land knowing full well what was planned for it.


We have spent $1M on achieving the DA which is extremely comprehensive, has the unanimous support of the Bass Coast Council who issued the DA, and is regarded by a town planner as the most comprehensive DA he has seen. It meets all of the extant regulations and legislation. The objectors pay nothing, we cop the bills for legal representation at VCAT!


The legal costs to defend our case at VCAT cannot be met by any form of grant nor from other grants and donations received which are tied to specific projects, hence our appeal to all Vietnam veterans to join the fight for their museum.


A significant number of your readers are Vietnam veterans, and I am seeking your support for our call by placing this flyer in your newsletter for the attention of your Vietnam veteran readers, and of course, we would welcome donations from any of our readers irrespective of their service.


I would be grateful if you would support the call by agreeing to publish the flyer.



Bob Elworthy AM

M: 0402 106 262





At a cost of over $1M, your museum now has Development Approval for the new museum building, however, the DA is being challenged by residents who do not want to see the new museum on our land.


So!, now we must fight the objections at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, at a cost of around $140K!

Vietnam Veterans Have Never Walked Away From a Fight, so we are appealing to all Vietnam Veterans (and friends) to donate $10 (more if you can afford it) to a fighting fund. Every cent raised will go towards the legal costs of fighting the objections.


Donations are tax-deductible and can be made by direct debit until the end of March to the museum as follows:


National Vietnam Veterans Museum Trading Account

Bendigo Bank BSB: 633 000    Account: 149 738 577


Identify the donation as “VCAT FUND” along with your name.


Authorized by R W Elworthy AM, NVVM Secretary M: 0402 106 262








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