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Where are they??



    Where are they now?




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Ray Leape.


Neil Mactaggart would like to get in touch with Ray Leape. (right). Neil says, “Ray was on 54 Telegs and was a close friend of mine at 3 Telu and in HK. I would be very interested to hear any news of Ray as unfortunately no one seems to know what happened to him post-RAAF.”




Dave Eaton and Tony Jenkinson.


Philip Godwin writes, “Hi, I joined the RAAF in 1972 . I travelled from London to basic training at RAAF Edinburgh, course 1203, then to Laverton for the Radio course starting in April 72. I signed up for the Air radio course, and was then posted to the Flying training school at Pearce. There were two guys I remember at Laverton, Dave Eaton who did the Telegs course, and Tony Jenkinson, who was also at Pearce. I would be interested in any information about course members around that time. If you can help, please get in touch with us and we’ll pass on the info to Philip.






Col Giles got in touch, he says:  “Hi all, the local historical society here in Sorrento is looking at the Sandakan Death March and the role played by a Philippine national in support of the Australians His name was Funk. His son, Frank, was a cadet at Frognall when I arrived on 11 Course in 1965. Frank was on 9 or 10 Course and the Historicals would like to make contact with him as a way of connecting with his father. Frank is not listed in the Frognall section of “From The Ground Up” but I know that he was commissioned and, I think, his first posting was to Amberley.”  If you can help in anyway, let us know and we’ll pass on the info to Vol.




Noel Browning, Rhode Wolfgang, Brian Richardson, Ron Shannon, Dick Turpin, Ed Zdzarski.


Geoffrey Schmidt, who is on the 75 Sqn FC Re-Union Committee got in touch, he writes, “G’Day Trevor, I have complimented you before on the excellent Radschool Magazine, well done. Although I am not a Rad chappie, you may recall in Issue 31 there was a photo of me with the AEMF team at 2(F)OCU Willitown, including Radtechs Blue Gilmore, Lance Warren, plus…were in the photo.  



I was a part of the Operation “Fast Caravan” (FC) – 75 Sqn Mirage Deployment from Williamtown to Butterworth in May’67, to replace 3 Sqn Sabres. We have a Re-Union coming up in May 2013 in Newcastle , near RAAF Base Williamtown and we are keen to locate a few Radtechs on that deployment whom we have lost track of. They are:


Noel Browning,

Rhode Wolfgang

Brian Richardson

Ron Shannon

Dick Turpin

Ed Zdzarski


I would appreciate it if you can put me in touch with any of them, or someone who may know how to find them? Perhaps a notice can be put in the next issue of your Radschool Magazine?


FYI, some of our other FC Radtech’s were Snow Bell, Bob Mead, Pancho Merson, Stix Chambers, Bob Matters, Phil Holden, Peter Chappelow, Max McKay, Graham Morris, Barry Aspinall, Bob Saxton, and Wal King.


Once again, if you can help, please let us know and we’ll pass on the info to Geoff.




Dave Weeks


Eddy Pfeifer who served with 2SQN when the Squadron returned to Amberley in 1971 wants to contact Dave Weeks (LAC RADTECHA) who served with 2SQN at Phan Rang from 26NOV70 to 24JUN71 (Dave probably returned to Amberley with the Squadron). If you can help please get in touch with us and we’ll pass on the info to Eddy




Alistair Scott Oswell


Bruce Pawley who is Chairman of City of Bankstown RSL, has been handed a set of war medals belonging to Alistair Scott Oswell A314726 who served with 2SQN at Phan Rang as a CPL CLKE from 22FEB68 to 19FEB69. Anyone who can help should contact Bruce Pawley via email HERE.




RAAF Intelligence Officers.


David Glerean, who is a serving Wng Cdr, got in touch with us, he says:  “Hi, September next year will be the 50th anniversary of the Intelligence category in the RAAF and it is intended that a function will be held in Canberra to celebrate this occasion by retired members. In pursuit of this goal I am creating a list of all the past Intelligence Officers in the RAAF and attempting to locate what has become of them. As you will appreciate, not an easy task. To support the celebration I am also trying to trace the history of Intelligence in the RAAF since 1921. This is very embryonic at the moment.


In the search for old members I have had some success using the old boys network but this has been limited to personnel who have kept in touch with old work mates. I also contacted DVA who said they could not pass any information to me and did not have the resources to reach out to these members.


I was wondering if your organisation has any members who were ex INTELOs or in contact with ex-INTELOs”.


Once again, if you can help, you know the drill.




Richard Pick and Jenny Finn.


Malvene Dicker would like to get in touch with Richard Pick and Jenny Finn – can anyone help?  If so, you know the drill!




Bill Coyer


We’re looking for Bill Coyer, Bill was a Cpl Radtech at 38Sqn in 1967-69 and last we heard was living in Darwin, if you know where Bill is please let us know.









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