Radschool Association Magazine - Vol 41

Page 19

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Your say!



 Your Say!



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Robert Crawford


Robert Crawford writes, he says, “Anthony Element's comments on joining the RAAF (in Vol40) brought back all the memories of 1981-82, when I joined as an Apprentice on 17 Radio Course. My wife wondered why I burst out laughing so loud, when I read about the card game "Hunt the.." (well, you know what I mean). I spent many lunch times playing that game with about a dozen other instructors out the back of the F111 training building in Amberley.




Peter Holmes


Peter Holmes sent us THIS, he thought it was pretty special – so do we!!




Bill Kelly.


Just letting you know that my new email address. Enjoy your mag very much, haven't been to radschool since 1957, and keep an eye out for old photos when they pop up. Still remember the wood chopping machine for wood to keep the boilers and other fires going. The night patrol guard was required to check on a regular basis so the camp would have hot water in the mornings. I managed to fail this task one cold winters night  and the fires went out….bad news next morning with no hot water. Anyhow the WOD ensured it wouldn't happen again by giving me plenty of practice at looking after it on night picket duty. Best regards.. Bill Kelly




File Fragmentation,


Sam had a story about file fragmentation in our last issue. A few blokes saw that and decided to comment, Dick Tracy says I always explain fragmentation as like throwing mud against a wall – there are bits going all over the place and it takes a long time to gather up all these little bits. He also says that Auslogics Defrag software is the best he’s seen, if you want to try it, you can get a copy HERE.



The other day I had a huge argument with my wife, then later, after thinking about it,

I wrote out a lengthy apology - but I couldn’t get her to sign it.



Keith Russell.


Keith saw the photo of the unknown piece of equipment we had in Vol 40. He says: “Might be able to throw a little light on a couple of the questions in the current magazine. The piece of equipment in question looks very like the equipment we used back in the early 60s to check the setting on the contacts on the early teleprinter equipment.  From memory there were two pieces of equipment, a transmitter where we would transmit a signal of known distortion into a Model 14 receiver to confirm the equipment was operating at its optimum setting; and a second bit of equipment, a receiver, where the contact setting on the Teleprinter transmitter equipment was checked to ensure the setting was optimum. 


The first RAAF female sent overseas (Vol 40, Page 5) was certainly not in 1985.  Sgt Cheryl ???? a SIGSOP was posted to RAAFSUHK before 1985. 




Fred Griffiths.


Hello All, I was certainly surprised to see Vol 40. of the newsletter in my in-box the other day.  It had been some time since I had been on line to the RAAF school magazine site, and thought no more about it.  Mind you, it has been so long, and I have been so out of touch with my past RAAF life, that I do not recognize most of the content now.


I do have a comment on an article, page 3 - the "what is it" story.  I believe there is a typo in the accompanying text, that reads "PNG".  It led me to think of Papua New Guinea (where I also lived for a time), but on looking at the photo I see it says "PMG".  This I assume would be Post Master Generals department, in the days before Australia Post.  This may help someone else clue in to the use of that piece of kit.  cheers, Fred Griffiths,  Calgary, Canada.



I failed a Health and Safety course at the Senior Centre today.

One of the questions was: "In the event of a fire, what steps would you take?"

"Bloody big ones" was apparently the wrong answer.






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