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Kev Davis.


Ken Davis

Bob Hambling advises that on Thursday, 20 Sept, Kev Davis passed away at his home near Mackay following a battle with cancer. He was a RADTECHG from 18 Radio Appy course and spent many years based at Townsville. Kev completed his 20 years in the RAAF before joining Telecom and settling down in Mackay. He was part of the RAAF Bloodhound Advisory Group and served overseas in England/Cyprus/Singapore from 1970 to 1974. Kev leaves his wife Iris, sons Harry and Phil, and twin brother Ken, who is known to many ex 18 Course people because he stood in for Kev at RadSchool several times when Kev had activities off-base to attend.




Ernest Arthur Browne.


Mick Russell advises that WGCDR (Retd) Ernest (Ern) Arthur Browne MBE passed away in Canberra on the 11 August, 2012. Ern was 87, had war service in England and Korea, and although not part of the engineering fraternity (ATC) he was well known throughout the RAAF before his retirement and possibly by some REOA members. His funeral service was be held in Canberra on Monday 20 Aug 12.




Ray Crosica.


Gerry Hemy advises that Ray Crosica passed away on 5th September. His funeral was held on the 11 Sept 2012. Ray had dementia and spent most of his final days in a home at Oakey.




James Oakley.


Bill Arden advises that Wing Commander Geoffrey James Oakley (RAAF Retd. 1980?) died on the 11 September. Geoff who was an instrument fitter, was commissioned and retired as a Wing Commander. On retirement he was active in the Salvation Army. His funeral service was held at the Ringwood (Vic) Salvation Army Citadel on the 20 Sept.




Barry G King.


Peter Hodge advises that Wing Commander Barry G. King (retd) SDIntel, died on the 20 September in Canberra following a long battle with cancer. His funeral was be held in Canberra duing the week 30Sep-06Oct. Barry joined the RAAF in 1954 as a Junior Equipment and Administrative Trainee (No 3 JEAT Course). After training as a Linguist (Chinese), he was commissioned into the Admin branch and later transferred to Intelligence. He was well known to his contemporaries in the Intelligence, Linguist, Sigs (two tours in Hong Kong), Maritime and Admin branches of the service. He retired from the RAAF in the early 1980's. In retirement Barry kept in touch with the retired Air Force community at JEAT reunions, Djinnang Assn. gatherings in Canberra, and Maritime Squadrons Association functions.




Colin Mervyn Anson


Reg “Rocky” Rockliff advises the passing of Wg Cdr Colin Mervyn ‘Avro’ Anson, a well-known Vietnam Veteran and member of the RAAF from 1944 to 1976. Avro was the Eng O at 2 Sqn in Phan Rang from September 1969 to September 1970. He died on Saturday 6th October at his home in Childers, Qld and his funeral was held on Wednesday 10 Oct 2012. Born 28/04/1921




Rodney Hewitt-Cook


Geoff Peterkin, the secretary of the Fighter Squadrons Branch of the NSW RAAF Association advises the passing of Rod Hewitt-Cook at 3.30am on the 15th October. According to his wife, Betty, he passed away peacefully after several months of hospitalisation, the culmination of an extended period of illness battling cancer. Rod joined the RAAF in January 1957, graduating with No 10 Course, RAAF College in December 1960 and studying Aeronautical Engineering. His degree, Bachelor of Engineering (Aero) was conferred in 1963. During his Air Force career, he was well known among his contemporaries and his mateship, sense of humour and a faithful ukulele proved to be a great formula for entertaining everyone among his social circles.  He retired as a Wing Commander about 1984 and took a position in CASA as a member of the Accident Investigation Team. Following that, he spent some years involved in Ultra-light Aviation which also satisfied his absolutely deep-seated desire to fly. In due course he settled in a quiet rural pursuit, enabling a wonderful family environment.


Rod’s funeral was held on Friday 19th October at St Phillips Anglican Church, Bungendore, just south of Lake George, NSW.




Mal Lindsay


Dick Tracey advises the passing of Mal Lindsay who was on 3 Appie Course. Mal died on the 9th October at Palm Beach (Gold Coast). A wake for him was held on the 17 October.




Duncan Buchanan


Don Mazlin advises the passing of Duncan Buchanan a former RAAF Armament Officer who was a member of the first Apprentice intake at Wagga. Duncan died on the 27 October 2012 in Sydney. His funeral was held on the 30 Oct in Sydney at the Macquarie Park Crematorium, North Ryde.


Don says he served with Duncan at 3AD and Butterworth in the early 1960s and we both took our turns as EngO of 79 Sqn in Ubon. He lived in Melbourne until about 12 or 15 years ago when he and June moved to Sydney to be closer to family.


Click HERE for the death notice.




John Goodrick


Arthur Fry advises the passing of John Goodrick, who died peacefully at home on the 30th October 2012, after a six-month battle with pancreatic cancer. John joined up as a young lad from Glenorchy in Tas. Went through rookies in 67 and was on 80 Telegs at Radschool. He was keen on all sports and a popular member. He spent a lot of time as a Sigsop at 3TU.


John's funeral was held on the 5th November at Traditional Funerals 17 Anzac Avenue, Redcliffe, Qld.




Allan Tennent


Gary Olsen advises the passing of Allan Tennent who died suddenly but peacefully early in the morning on the 1st November. Allan served in Vietnam as a SGT Hygiene Inspector with Base Support Flight from 11Dec67 to 17Apr68 and No 2 Squadron from 17Apr68 to 4Sep68.



John Bryant


Ian Truswell advises that John "Budha" Bryant passed away on June 16th 2012 after a big battle with cancer.




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