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142 RTC


Graeme Wilson sent us this pic, it was taken in November 1980. Click the pic for a bigger view.


Back Row L-R:    Dave Kendall, Peter Hendrick, Barry Francis, Gordon Sherlock, John Taylor (Course Horse), ? Howie.

Middle Row L-R:   Ken Pola, Ian (or Iain) Wallace, Sandy Rigby, Doug Wild, Andrew Vanderkwast, Dave Horton.

Front Row L-R:   Darren(?) McCartney, Martin Finnis, Eric Little, Simeon Sarafov, Steve Ibbottson, Graeme Wilson, Dean Rogers.


Graeme says there are only 19 people in the pic. “There were five backcoursees that joined the course but he can only remember two: Graham "Bruce" Lyman and Dave Connell (or O'Connell or O'Donnell?). Dave eventually graduated on 142. Graeme says he had forgotten about Dave Horton until he saw the photo. He remembers someone said he had his appendix out (end of 1980) and Graeme says he never saw him again. Howie only wanted to be an SP and when his remuster came through in Elec 1, he just bolted.”



Generally speaking, if there is a hard job to be done, a woman will get in there and do it,

a bloke on the other hand will go away and invent something to make the job easier.



The Boatie.


Dick Tracey has just returned from Malaysia and while there took a couple of photos of and from the “Boatie”.


The Boattie


Click the one below to get a better view of it.



When you look at the bigger version of the pic above it brings back the smells and the feel of the tropics during the late afternoon storms.


I miss it!





Pt Cook Barby.


The pic below, which was given to us by Jenny Abbott, who was Jenny Wren when it was taken, is of a BBQ at the Point Cook WRAAF’s compound in or around Oct 1967. Jen’s not sure of any names, can anyone help??


And of course, the big question is, what are girls doing cooking a barby????


WRAAF Barby - Pt Cook


Pt Cook dance







The photo at left was also taken in 1967 at Point Cook, most likely at an Airman’s ball. Can anyone help ID anyone in the pic.



146 WRAAF Rookies.


146 WRAAF Rookies


These lovely girls were all at Point Cook on Recruit Course 146 in 1965. Anyone got any names??


Click the pic for a bigger view.



148 WRAAF Rookies, 1965.

148 WRAAF Rookies


This was the last WRAAF recruit course to graduate from Pt Cook as RTU was declared a Squadron and moved to Edinburgh in 1965.



Interservice Swimming team, Richmond 1975.


Back L-R:   Missy Vanroon, Gail Fletcher, Barbara Watson, not known, Debbie Pearson, Judy Franklin, Bonnie Boon.

Front L-R:   Yvonne Root, Mary Johnston, Linda Young, Carol Baker, Kerry Morgan.


John Cridland tell us that Barbara Watson was a Comsop at Opcom and a bit of a star. A few years earlier, before marrying radio tech (air) Bob, as Barbara Richie, she missed out on the last place in the Aussie team to the Kingston Commonwealth Games by a touch. John thinks she was never beaten at an inter service event.


John McDougal got in touch, he says that Barbara might have missed out on  the Commonwealth Games, but she got a consolation prize, her son Shane is a fair to middling cricked player and if his health would only stand up he would be leading the charge against South Africa right now.



223 WRAAF Rookies Course, Edinburgh. 1974.

223 WRAAF Rookies Course



Interservice Tennis – 1975.

Back L-R:   Coralie Wood, Anita Hirchfield, Pam Nelson, Marg Wright, Lyn Beaumont.

Middle L-R:   Maria Ryan, Mary Reader, Liz Bryan.

Front L-R:   Sandy White, Maureen Mitchell.


We don’t know how the girls went in the comp but look at the old wooden racquets….things certainly have changed..



WRAAF Reunion Perth 1991.

WRAAF Reunion Perth, 1991


This group of lovely ex-WRAAFs were at the last WRAAF reunion in Perth – in 1991. Missy Vanroon sent us the pic.  Can anyone put names to the happy smiling faces??



Sunny old Canberra!!

Berys McEvoy, panic night, Fairbairn, back in 1966.



A synonym is a word you use when you can't spell the word you first thought of.





Les Coleman sent us some photos he had taken back in 1952 when he was on his H2S (Lincoln radar) course. Les says they were taken from a Dakota doing GCA training.


Unfortunately, cameras back in the early 50’s weren’t quite up to today’s standard…..






Although flying operations at the site of the Ballarat Airport began in 1914, it was not until the advent of World War II that the RAAF utilised the airfield as a military base. The RAAF formed No 1 Wireless Air Gunners School at the base in 1940, and it remained a RAAF base for the next 21 years. After World War II, Ballarat was the home of the RAAF School of Radio until that unit moved to new facilities at Laverton in 1961.


As can be seen from the number of buildings above, it was quite a substantial base at one time.






Tin City.


Peter Nelms sent us this pic, who will forget these little huts, yours was lucky enough to only live in them for a month or so, while on Pool, and once the course started we were all thankfully moved into the ‘new’ brick blocks. However, our ‘month or so’ coincided with Melbourne’s summer, which as most know, can be very hot. And living in an uninsulated tin hut, in 380C heat can, at times, be a bit uncomfortable.


Luckily we had access to lots of VB pills to dull the pain.




How people see things!!




And ain't it the truth??


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