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Sick Parade.


If you know someone who is a bit crook,

let us know so we can give them a shout out..



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Rob Meyer.


Rob recently had some cataract surgery on his left eye and on his way out of the hospital, and eyeing off the nurses as one tends to do, he forgot to see if the coast was clear before stepping off the footpath and down he went like a sack of spuds. He says a nice lady and a copper helped him up, took him back to the hospital for a patch up and after they had stopped the bleeding and bandaged him up he was allowed to go home.


He says it didnít hurt at the time but some time later felt like someone had got stuck into him with a piece of four-b-two. He also says itís nice to be able to see again though.


But it seems that some time in his iniquitous past, he had been a careless driver and whether by accident or design had managed to run over one or several persons of Asian descent as the health problems donít stop there. Rob recently received the bad news that he has a descent dose of prostate cancer. His GP tells him that out of a severalty of 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst, heís sitting at 7 and corrective action is urgently needed. He plans to party at Coffs Harbour in August then get back to Hobart and start the cure.


We all wish him well!!



John Broughton.


Along with a bunch of other things, John has had eye problems for a while and part of the cure involves a once a month train trip down to Sydney for an injection into one of his eyes. (I canít even think about it without the rear section squirming - tb). However, a recent trip didnít go according to plan. The doctor doing the horrendous cure stuffed up the anaesthetic and consequently he ended up with a burnt cornea. He says he couldnít describe the pain, it was like someone had poked a red hot poker through his eye and it left him totally debilitated for about 4 hours until the handful of Panadol Forte kicked in.


While waiting for the tabs to take effect he thought heís self-administer some of the age old cure that comes in frosted glasses but the girl at Central Station public house refused to serve him thinking he was wacked out on drugs.




About this time the change of life kicked in and he thought it time to go grey nomading. He and Josie have sold the trusty old Jayco, bought an Avan Ovation motor home and Oz is now their oyster.



When everybody on earth was dead and waiting to enter Paradise, God appeared and said, "I want the men to make two lines. One line for the men who were true heads of their household and the other line for the men who were dominated by their women. I want all the women to report to St. Peter."  Soon, the women were gone, and there were the two lines of men. The line of the men who were dominated by their wives was 100 miles long and in the line of men who truly were heads of their household, there was only one man. God said to the long line, "You men should be ashamed of yourselves, I created you to be the head of your household! You have been disobedient and have not fulfilled your purpose!  Of all of you, only one obeyed. Learn from him." God turned to the one man, "How did you manage to be the only one in this line?"

The man replied, "My wife told me to stand here."



Ted Ilton


Ted has had his ups and downs over the past few months but has always kept his head up and hopes high but recently received some bad news. He moved into a Nursing Home on the Tweed a year or so back, one he chose as it has an ďin-houseĒ doctor. For the past month he has had a few balance problems as well as continuous light headedness, he reckons it felt like his gyro had toppled, so it was off to the doc for a check-up.


After giving him a bunch of tests the doc dropped a bombshell, it seems Ted had developed a large brain tumour and something had to be done quick smart.


Ted was checked into Wesley Hospital in Brisbane to undergo radiation treatment and after being booked in, it was off to the treatment room where he was measured for a full skull mask/cap. After receiving the first hot shot, he was subjected to further tests where they found the tumour had grown quicker than anticipated and would need two more blasts.


Ted tucking into one of

the Wesleyís hearty dinners..


After the treatment, Ted was bundled off back to the Tweed to convalesce where he says heís still pretty groggy. He says the docs at Wesley have assured him they got it all and now itís just a matter of time before heís up and chasing the nurses again.


All the best mate!!



Roy Smeaton


Mick Lawson says he managed to track down Roy Smeaton on a mobile. Roy is not doing well and has been in hospital for several weeks and is no longer able to get around unless he is assisted due to his back problems. He does not sound very well at all. They have been trying to find him a placement in a care facility but there have been no vacancies. In addition he has not been able to see his wife Fay for many months. Fay has been in a home for several years with dementia. Roy is hoping to be able to get email back once he has been placed in a care facility. Mick says he will keep us posted.




Nev Williams.


Nev says, I am being held prisoner at the Bramble Bay country Club at Brighton QLD (Old Eventide) in the re-hab unit there. a Physio ruined a perfectly good hip replacement last June, just getting it repaired now and holidaying down here until I can put full weight on the hip and walk proper like.



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