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Djinnang Reunion, 2014.


Once again the always well-attended Djinnang reunion was held at the Queensland Public Service Club in Brisbane, this time on Saturday the 31 May.  The Teller for the Association, Dave Tape, told us they had 120 people at the reunion, many as usual from interstate, and even though the mustering finished in 1991, the pride in what they achieved all those years ago and the strong sense of the camaraderie that still exists amongst them is amazing.


We’ve included a bunch of photos from the reunion and to make them load quicker we have ‘crunched’ them. You can see and/or download the HD version of each photo by clicking on the crunched copy.


Part of the bunch of revellers.





The Djinnang association is open to all ex RAAF Telegs, Telsops, Tprinops, Telstechs etc. In (about) 1976, the Telegs, Telsops and Tprinops musterings were amalgamated into the Commsop mustering. Some Telegs moved to the Sigsop mustering. Most operators that moved to the new CommsoP mustering retained their old mustering name until about mid 1980’s where they had to all become Commsop’s. Basic Commsop (COMMunicationS OPerator) Courses were trained at Laverton between approximately 1976 until 1991when the Edpop (Electronic Data Processer OPerator) and Commsop musterings were amalgamated into what is now known as the Ciscon (Communications Information Systems CONtroller) mustering



David and Deb Tape – the gate keepers.


The Tape family has a firm grip on the Association, David is the Treasurer and Deb is the Secretary. Does make one wonder about the new 500SEL Benz parked in their driveway!!!


L-R:   Billy Warren, Candy Lee, Steve Ellis.        


Rumour has it, Candy brought along her three identical twin sisters, all dressed the same, as it seemed that every time one turned around there was a Lee girl.


L-R:   Cathy Richards, Lorraine Neave, Jenny Bell, Glen Walton, Roslyn Smith.


L-R:  Billy Warren, Steve Ellis, Lynnette Roe and Andrew Berriman.


L-R:   Angie and George Pollard.


L-R:   Debbie and Mick Masters.


L-R:   Ros Curran, One of the Lee girls and Tracey Stephens.


L-R:   Noel Quarrell, Pete Wolfenden, Sandy Faber, Warren Faber.


L-R:   Geoff Grebert, Bob Man, Dennis Greig.


L-R:   Alyn Hawkes, Trev Weisbrodt, Margaret Holmes.


L-R:   Desiree Addinsall, Sue Scarfe, Jane Mills.


L-R:   Christine Cashman, Carolyn Wilson, Margaret Smitherman.


Another of the Lee girls with Trev Benneworth.


Col and Dorothy Cliff.


Gary Francis, Joy Macpherson.


L-R:   John Isaacs, Glen Walton.


John and Cathy Richards.




A mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation and achievement is stored.



L-R:   Kev Woolard, Gail McDermott, Greg McDermott.


L-R:   Kim McCauley, Lisa Williams.


L-R:   Lorraine Neave, Jim Neave, Cathy Richards, Jenny Bell, Roslyn Smith.


L-R:   Mary Moore, Noreen Barry.


L-R:  Mick Lawson, Yvonne Greer-Cain, Ron Faulkner.


L-R:   Peta Brough, Gayle Roderick, Yolanda Lever.


Ray “RG” Thompson, Pat Green.


L-R:   Ros Curran and another of the Lee girls.




The only animals you eat before they are born and after they are dead. 



L-R:   Val Machin, Robyn Russel, Steve Ellis, Helen Daunt, Dennis Greig.


L-R:   Warren Bryant, Lance Highfield, John O’Loughlin, Des Williams.


L-R:   Swampy Marsh, John Quast.


L-R:   Sue Ansford, Howard “Bull” Donald.


L-R:   Ron “Moose” Amos, Roy Green, Ron Bellert.


L-R:   Reg Maloney, June Maloney, Jim Cooney.


John McAlister, Jenny Bell.



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