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Alan Smithson.

Bob Hodgson advises us of the sad passing of Alan “Punchy” Smithson towards the end of May. “Punchy” was the WOE at 38 Sqn and with 2 Sqn then 35 Sqn in Vietnam. He had a short stay with 2 Sqn from 19Apr64 to 25Apr64 then again from 11May64 to 16May64, then home to 38 Sqn in Oz until the 19Nov69 when he went back to 35Sqn until the 20Nov70.



Neville Patrick McNamara.


Air Chief Marshal Sir Neville McNamara, KBE, AO, AFC, AE, (Retired), was born in Toogoolawah (SE Qld) on the 17th April 1923. He passed away on the 7th May 2014, aged 91. His funeral was held in the Woden Cemetery, Phillip, ACT after which a celebration of his life was held at the Officers' Mess, Duntroon.


Neville was the Chief of the Air Staff from March 1979 - April 1982.




Jack Mullins.


Laurie Lindsay let us know that former instructor F/Sgt Jack Mullins died at his home in Wagga on the 25 April. Laurie thinks Jack was teaching at RSTT during the fifties and although he’s not sure of his age, he thinks it could have been well into the eighties. Jack was commissioned as an Eng Aero and was running the engineer officer’s course in the late 60s.  Nev Williams says, I arrived at RSTT in Jan 55, Jack Mullins was then a Sgt Airframe Instructor. Not sure when he arrived but I think he never left and was discharged there as FSGT.  I believe he was one of the leading lights in getting Aircare (at Wagga) up and running and I think that he was mentioned in several books written on the RAAF Apprentice Schemes.




Warren Larnach.


Gary Olsen advises that Warren passed away recently (unfortunately we don’t have a date). Warren served with 2SQN at Phan Rang as a SGT RADTECH A from 11MAR69 to 11DEC69.




Peter Brighton


Bernare Robertson told us that Len Brighton's son, Peter, rang him on the 5th April to advise that Len had passed away peacefully in Canberra. Unfortunately we have no further details.




Julian Vincent McConville.


Col Metcalf advises that Julian passed away peacefully on Thursday morning the 17th April, aged 88. With the establishment of 3TU in 1946, operators were issued ‘Operator Numbers’ commencing with 300. Mac, as he was known, was No 303.



Flt Lt Julian Vincent “Mack” McConville, (left), an RAAF Intelligence Officer and FO William Francis (Bill) Hall an Air Transport Operations Coordinator at Ba Ria, Phuoc Tuy Province, Vietnam in 1966. Mack served in Vietnam from June 1966 to June 1967.  He was buried on Tues the 29th April in Mundaring WA. 




Harry Gifford


Billl McCarthy has advised us that Harry Gifford passed away earlier this year, he doesn’t have the date but he says Harry's funeral was held on Friday 28 March at The Hillside Chapel Palmdale Memorial Cemetery after which refreshments were held at the Palmdale Function Centre.




Leonard Walter Brighton WgCdr Rtd.


Arthur Ellem advises the passing of Leonard Walter Brighton who passed away in Canberra on the 5th April, 2014. His funeral was held at the Norward Park Chapel, in Mitchell, ACT on the 10th April. Len was 91 years old.




Geoff Susans.


Laurie Lindsay advises the passing of Geoff Susans on the 17th March 2014. Geoff had been battling brain cancer which resulted from a melanoma on the arm. After radiotherapy and three brain operations, unfortunately there was nothing more that could be done for Geoff. He was buried in Brighton (Vic) on the 25th March.




Adrian "Bunyip" Bechly

David Bell advises that Adrian "Bunyip" Bechly recently passed away in Newcastle.  His funeral was held at Wallsend on 20 June. He had undergone treatment for cancer. Adrian was a keen bikie during his two tours of Malaysia and also a member of Newcastle bike clubs.  (See HERE)





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