Radschool Association Magazine - Vol 46

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Page 3 Girl



Our lovely Page 3 Girl this issue is Yvonne Greer-Cain.



Yvonne is the daughter of the late Jackson Greer.  Jackson joined the RAAF in 1951 as a Telstech and before he discharged in 1975, reached the rank of Warrant Officer. Yvonne was born in Altona while her dad was posted to Laverton, so her young and informative years were associated with RAAF Bases.


After “Sluggo” as Jackson was called was discharged, the family moved to Perth, WA and she has lived there ever since.


Yvonne is married with 3 lovely daughters and is a teacher at the Perth Central TAFE College – supporting migrant students.


She has done a lot of travelling and as her mother is Dutch, there are no points for guessing she has been to Holland where she lived for 18 months. While there she learned to speak Dutch, much to her dad’s annoyance as she would speak to her mum in Dutch when there was something to say that they didn’t want dad to hear,


Two years ago she was in Colorado and being a lot gamer than me, allowed a tarantula to crawl all over her hand…..no thanks!!


Following her dad’s death, she received a lot of condolence correspondence from people who had worked with Sluggo and when she heard the Djinnang Association was holding a reunion in Brisbane in May she decided to come across from Perth to meet some of the people who had worked with her dad and to hear, first hand, some of the antics her dad had got up to during his RAAF time.


Yvonne has asked us to thank the organisers of the Djinnang Association for welcoming her as they did, she says she had a wonderful evening, met some great people and learned some more about her late dad.



Age of Innocence?


Old seaside postcards - how did they get away with these.


A series of world-famous saucy seaside postcards images is being re-launched to mark their 100th anniversary. A Mr Wallace bought the firm, Bamforth & Co, nine years ago and now owns the rights to more than 50,000 of the postcard images with their pneumatic women, henpecked husbands and voluptuous nurses. In 1870 James Bamforth began his business in West Yorkshire, (UK). He was a portrait photographer who later specialised in lantern slides, but it was the saucy postcards, launched in 1910, which sealed his firm`s reputation.


The new owner said: "They always look good and they always make people smile. "Maybe they`re not to everyone's taste but if you can`t laugh at Bamforth postcards what can you laugh at?”


We agree, we’ve included some here and some in later pages.




Kev Rosser spent quite a bit of time in Townsville, with 10 Squadron and the Neppies. While there he took the time to take quite a lot of slides and is now in the process of converting them to digital images. He’s sent us a few samples.


The pic below is of RAAF Townsville, taken from a 10 Sqn Neppy in about 1975. 




Below, Sid Howarth slaving away on the AN/APX6 bench in the 10 SQN radio section which was fondly named the 'Brick Shitehouse', probably around 1975. 




Geoffrey Broadbent, who was a FSGT at the time, mucking around on the AN/APS 20 bench. I say mucking around because what the devil was a FSGT doing touching technical stuff like that?





Peter Stokes applying a totally inappropriate tool to an ARN/21 TACAN! with the back of Ernie Smith's head. 








Michael Jensen, a 10SQN sumpie. His nickname was "Boora" He died a couple of years ago, of bowel cancer. A good mate, most people serving in 10SQN will remember him.




John Bilson, Rad Tech, also died a couple of years ago of Parkinson's disease. The photo was taken outside his room on the top floor of the singlie's block at Townsville. John used to take the seat out of his Ford and put it outside his room. I'm pretty sure he liked a drink on a hot/cold day but then in those days we all used to drink a lot!   




A Neppy in the bird bath.




John McDougall, that dashing man about town, was going through his treasure chest recently and found some old Wagga Apprentice Journals. He sent us copies of the 1961 and 1962 journals and we’ll include some pics and stories here and over the next few issues.



Sumpy appies, 14th intake. (1962)


Back L-R:   BG Hampton, BK Coombe, PR Dalgleish, AM Everett, JL Cecchin, SA George, JW McDougall, TM Boyd

Centre L-R:   PR Walker, PR Wildish, CG Andrews, CJ Wall, W McCreadie, MS Ryan,  BR Poyner,  VJ Reynolds.

Front L-R:   PW Fischer, SJ Weller, RG Shillitow, JE Goodsir, RA Muggleton, PL Robinson, TB Boyle, JB Morrison, WJ Pickard.







Elecos, 14th intake. (1962)


Standing L-R:   JD Winter, GG Dorward, RG Boyd, RL Matthes, MK Traves, BH Todd, IF Brophy, P Nisbet.

Seated L-R:   AA Jones, CW Selman, GJ Bauchop, BI Fuller, TG Cook, J Spalding, JW Smith, MJ Wruck.





Fred Holtman and Rookies Course 1051 at Edinburgh, graduation day.  1970.




Jason Taylor – at Radschool. 




Jason Taylor – on the Phillips Mark 5 CRO display.




MCRU troops.


L-R:   Darren Brady, Lachy Melville, “Wiggles”, Jason Norris, Savio, Woody 1, Aideen, James Lees, Jason Taylor, James Carpenter, Woody 2.



And - as the world cup is underway, this is very relevant!!!





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