Vol 71

Oct 2020

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We’ve made some changes to the menu system, now you can find a topic, click it and it will open the info for which you’re looking. Hopefully, this will make it a lot easier to read. After you’ve finished one topic and you want to return here, just click the "close tab" button (X) on the tab at the top of your page.


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In Memory of:

Page 2




Kedron Wavell Services Club.



A2-1022 being rebuilt.

Caribou A4-147 crash at Tapini.

Caribou A4-173 accident at Ba To.

Caribou A4-208.

Douglas C-124 Globemaster.

F-16 replacement will be pilotless.

Flying the F-111.

Hawker Hurricane.

Mirage spy-plane.

Puff the magic dragon.


Arthur Fry:

Ballarat stories.


Computer Information:

Disable resource hungry Chrome extensions.

Free software.

Hide adverts on Microsoft's Edge.

Microsoft's Edge crapware blocker.

Microsoft Edge new browser.

The difference between digital and optical zoom.

Troubleshoot Windows 10 search indexer.

Your burnt CDs could now be dodgy.



17 RMC

36 RAC

110 RTC



DFRDB Commutation Update.

Unfair Superannuation - Defence Vs Politicians.


DVA Issues:

DVA Card entitlements.

Gold card for Vets over 70.

Monitoring Devices - eligibility requirements.

My Account.

My Service.

Planning ahead.

VEA Vs MRCA funeral benefits.

VetAffairs newspaper.

Veteran Support Officers.



1 AD Quad Squad.

9 Sqn's people sniffer.

Pave Tack - on the F-111.



5G phone hoax.

ADF Inquiry into Afghanistan.

Aircraft ejection seats.

Airman's Ball Laverton - 1988.

Aliens - are they out there?

Bill Hancock.

Can sugar in the tank ruin an engine?

Car head-lights.

Caribous support Operation Lagoon.

Consexration Ceremony at Townsville.

Corona Virus prevention.

Council rejects Caloundra RSL's petition.

Dutch Navy smart thinking.

Electronic cars - good or bad.

Flemming and Churchill hoax.

Formation of the RAAF.

Forming the WRAAF.

Global cooling - according to the Chinese.

Hitch-hiking snake.

Knock sensor - what is it?

Mirage goes to Townsville.

New car glut hoax.

Operation Fortitude - Pre D-Day.

Pension rates - September 2020.

Porn is catching on.

RAAF Air show of yester-year.

Radschool history.

Rocket engine design.

Saturn 5 Rocket.

Securing Australia in an age of disruption.

Taking the knee.

Telstech Association membership renewal.

Tokyo Olympics fireworks hoax.

Tuggeranong Bomb Clearance.

Veterans sleeping rough.

What happens if you put the wrong octane petrol in your car?

WW2 Vet and the Beaufighter.



Antidepressants and their side effects.

Aphrodisiacs - do they work?

Diet changes for women over 50.

COVID-19 - Possible long-term effects.

Cut sugar from your diet.

Goosebumps - why do we get them?

Sex problems:

     Changes for men.

     Changes for women.

     Erectile dysfunction drugs.

     High blood pressure and sex.


John Laming:

Pacific Picasso and other stories.


My Story:

Neil Handsley - Just cruisin'



Bob May.

Breakfasting in Caloundra.

Female C-17 Crew.

Female F-111 Crew.

Frognall Students.

Women in the Air Force.


People I meet:

Vanessa Niemand.



36 RAC Reunion

APPY 100th Anniversary in Wagga 2021.

WRAAF Qld reunion cancelled.



An introduction.

Application Form to take part.


Sick Parade:

John "Sambo" Sambrooks.


Units, Squadrons and Bases:

1 AD Radar Section.

2 AD Instruments Section 1978.

2 Sqn's last flight in Malaysia.

3 Sqn Officers - 1986.

481 Instruments Section - 1973.

Butterworth 1993.


RAAF Vietnam Lunch .

Tottenham 1973.

Wallaby Airlines to the rescue.



Blonds are more fun?

Corona Virus prevention.

COVID-19 - Possible long-term effects.

Hawker Hurricane

Mirage goes to Townsville.

New Stuff.

Puff the magic Dragon.

Rocket engine design.

Securing Australia in an age of disruption.

They live amongst us.

Tools explained.


Where are they now:

Candy Diercke.

Otto Cossalter.

Philip Harriman.

Steering a rocket.





Cry with someone.  It's more healing than crying alone.






In June next year, 40 of us will ride 20 of the fantastic Peugeot 2-stroke 50cc motor scooters from Brisbane to the RAAF Base in Townsville. That trip will take us 13 days, we'll have two nights in Emerald, two nights in Longreach and two nights in Charters Towers. Peugeot have made the scooters available to us for the trip, we've made arrangements to pay for them after the event. So - you get to use them for free. You don't need a motor bike licence to ride these, a car licence is all you need.


Councils along the way have been more than generous and allowed us to use pavilions in their showgrounds to overnight, IGA and Woolworths have graciously agreed to provide us with food for breakfasts and in some cases lunches and Kedron Wavell RSL Sub-branch has agreed to provide a ute and small bus to carry our gear and also their "chuck wagon" on which we'll cook our breakfasts, some lunches and also refreshment stops along the way.


We'll have a lot of fun along the way and the RAAF at Townsville has agreed to greet us warmly. More on that later.


We've got a few starters already but there are still many spots available, so if you want to be a part of this great adventure, spend a few weeks with a bunch of like minded fun people, have the most fun you can have standing up, get your name in now. You'll find more info HERE, there are 3 pages, please read them all and the form to fill in to come along is HERE.


Please let us know now. This is not binding but we need to know numbers.



Costco Offer.


Costco was founded in an old hangar in San Diego in the USA in 1976. It started life as the "Price Club"  and offered items to small businesses at a reduced price. It soon found by including non-business customers, its clientele increased greatly which meant it could buy more and buying more meant buying for less which meant it could sell for less which made it more attractive to buyers who bought more which meant buying more etc etc.


Its operating philosophy has been simple. Keep costs down and pass the savings on to its members. Since becoming Costco in 1997, the company has grown worldwide with total sales in recent fiscal years exceeding $64 billion.


Its warehouses carry about 4,000 SKUs (stock keeping units) compared to the 30,000 found at most supermarkets. By carefully choosing products based on quality, price, brand and features, the company can offer the best value to members.


Costco opened its first Australian store in Melbourne in 2009 and now has 12 stores through all states of Australia, except for Tasmania and the NT.


Costco is very conscious of the hardship and dedication of the Australian service men and women and recently put a deal together for the benefit of members of the Radschool Association.


Go to page 20 for the deal.



Charity Classification.


Early last year our Association was classified as a Charitable Organisation - see HERE.  This doesn't mean that donations to the Association are Tax deductible, yet, but we've applied for that and will advise if and when it occurs.  We're going to incorporate the Association too.


We are registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) which is the national regulator of charities. Their web-site is HERE. Being a Charitable Organisation, we don't pay tax.


We have to submit a report to the ACNC each year, ours is due 31 December 2020.



100th Anniversary of the RAAF celebration.


We had to cancel our plans for the big get together in Melbourne next year but that doesn't mean we're cancelling all together. We've decided to hold our celebration next year in the ACT and to hold it over the ANZAC Day period and if you went through Radschool, whether Ballarat or Laverton, no matter what course, male or female, this event is for you. It also includes your husband, wife, boy friend, girl friend etc, who can join in with us in all events except the ANZAC Day March itself unless they have served. We're all getting on a bit and this could be our last hurrah - let's make it a good one. ANZAC Day in 2021 falls on a Sunday and we're planning to hold several events prior to that culminating in joining in the ceremonies planned around the War Memorial on ANZAC Day, including the Dawn Service, breakfast and the March itself. We're suggesting you spend 5 nights in Canberra, commencing Wednesday night the 21st April, and leaving the ACT on Monday the 26th.



Here's what's planned.


Wednesday 21st April.


An informal get together at the Ainslie Football Club that night. We hope to have a handout for everyone, setting out what's planned, etc.



Thursday 22 April


We've arranged with the Army for a conducted tour of  Duntroon. This is a marvellous base, full of tradition and wonderful old buildings and is definitely worth a visit.  This will start at 10.00am and should finish about 12.00midday. After Duntroon, we're planning we get together for lunch, unfortunately, the Corona problem has meant we haven't been able to get to Canberra to organise this, but once things return to normal we will and we'll let everyone know.



Friday 23 April.


We've arranged a conducted tour of the AWM after which we can all lunch at Poppy's Cafe at the AWM. After lunch we'll try for a conducted tour of Parliament House - but we can't confirm that until we can get to Canberra.



Saturday 24 April.


We've also been in touch with the ACT branch of the Air Force Association and have got approval to dedicate a plaque, remembering Radschool, in the RAAF Grove which is on the Federal Highway just inside the ACT boundary - see HERE. We submitted a claim to DVA for funds to cover costs, but it was refused (see HERE). We're pursuing other sources of funds and if we can't do any good, we might be forced to ask for donations. More later.


As there's limited parking on the highway, we'll arrange a car pool system which will operate from the Ainslie Football Club car park to get everyone out there. Refreshments will be served after the dedication after which we plan returning to the Club for lunch.  The rest of the afternoon is free until about 4.00pm when we can meet up again at the AWM for the "Changing of the Guard" at the tomb of the Unknown Australian Soldier, followed by the Last Post ceremony where we will lay a wreath. If the WRAAF ladies wish to join us, we will lay two.  After that the day is yours as it will be an early start tomorrow.



Sunday 25 April


Being ANZAC Day we propose attending the Dawn Service followed by the ANZAC Day March. The Dawn Service starts at 5.30am, but they suggest you get there at least 30 minutes prior to that - so no sleep-in that morning. After the Service, breakfast is served in ANZAC Hall at the War memorial, see HERE. The Dawn Service and the following breakfast are wonderful and very moving events.


The breakfast costs $45 per head and tables are arranged for 10 people. Click HERE for a sample menu. We'll have more on this after our trip to Canberra in August.


We've been in touch with the ACT Sub-branch of the RSL and have approval for us to march under the Radschool Banner. The March starts at 10.30am and will finish overall at the War Memorial at 12.30pm - that doesn't mean you're marching for 2 hours. The route for the March is along Anzac Parade, see HERE, we don't know the length of the march but we'll know more after our trip down to Canberra in August. If you are not able to march, but would still like to attend, we can possibly arrange to have you carried in a vehicle, let us know in the form below. Sorry, but we can only arrange a vehicle for those with active service.


We'll have more info on when and where to form up etc later.


The Dawn Service and the ANZAC Day March at the AWM are two huge events and should be on everyone's bucket list.


After the March, in the tradition of ANZAC Days everywhere, we can all get together at a club for a "debrief". We're talking with the RSL for a suitable venue, more on that later too. 



So we can get an idea of numbers, we know it's still a fair way off, but if you think you can make it, please fill in the form below. It's important that we get an indication of numbers before we talk to venues in Canberra in August (we hope restrictions are lifted by then). If your name is not on the list you could miss out as numbers could be important. Remember, you can always cancel later on, but mightn't be able to add your name once we've confirmed things.


Unfortunately, due to the Virus, I haven't been able to get to Canberra to firm things up, hopefully I can get there prior to Christmas.


Put your name in now


First Name:



Email address:

Will you be partnered?

Will you need a vehicle for the March?







Click HERE to see who has indicated they will be going.




RAM thought for the day.

When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.




Buying a new car?


If you’re a Radschool member and contemplating buying a new car, we could save you thousands. The Radschool Association has done a deal with Australia’s biggest car brokers whereby you can purchase a car (your choice of make, colour, specs etc) at fleet discount prices.


One of our blokes made use of this facility recently and bought a Toyota Rav4 and saved thousands. You can too!


To see further details, go to the Radschool Assoc home page (HERE) then click on “New Car Purchase”.






Current financial members can now receive a 12% discount on the base rate of the day when hiring a car from Thrifty. If you’re thinking of hiring a car or an SUV or a people mover, this could save you heaps. If you’re a member, send us an email HERE and we’ll send you the promo code.






We’ve decided to go with the following membership.


·                Full membership for $35.00 to 30 June 2021.


There’s no more annual Membership, only full Membership which will expire on the 30 June 2021.  As we’ve said, full membership is not compulsory, you can still receive the RAM which will remain open, free and available on the net.


So, if you’d like to contribute and help us with the ever increasing costs, please join as a full member.


If you are already a member (ie: if your name is on this LIST), please fill in the form below and send it to us, if you haven’t already joined (if you're not on the list), please use the form HERE.




First Name:



Email address:

Membership type:

Your State:

Sum transferred:




Please transfer your joining contribution to:


BSB: 124-021       Account number: 1048 7401      Title:  RAAF Radschool Association.

Bank:  Bank of Queensland.

and include your name in the "Remarks" window on the deposit.


You can of course pay more if you wish!!



AND!!  If you work for or know of a firm that would be kind and generous enough to sponsor the Radschool Association, please get in touch.






Our aim is to have this site error free – but that’s probably impossible. But with your help I reckon we can get pretty close. If you see any errors, be they punctuation, spelling, links that don’t work, facts wrong etc, (no matter how small) please let us know so we can fix them.


Thankfully, Ken Morris, who lives over in the West, proof reads our print before it goes public and points out our many errors, not a lot escapes him I can tell you!   


Thanks Ken.






You can download the full magazine in PDF format HERE.

It is a very large file, contains 276 pages and will take a while to download.


The margins have been set so you can print on both sides of the page.


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