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A Covid non-plan?

Angela Merkel - a farewell.

Begone Covid dictators.

Boof-head brigade.

Climate change?

Critique of our ADF - 1.


Critique of our ADF - 2.

Hands off Ben Roberts-Smith.

Leaving (deserting?) Afghanistan.

Minister bans WOKE agenda in Defence.

RAAF Airmen become Aviators.

SAS betrayal.




Hands off our Ben Roberts-Smith VC MG


Dr Dan Mealey

Former Army doctor

Afghanistan Vet


Can I start by saying that the accusations of ADF personnel conducting themselves in a war zone with rude or crude acts, “misbehaving at a makeshift bar in Afghanistan,” or drinking beer from a prosthetic leg - none of this should ever have been shared with media and our media ought to have demonstrated discretion and decency in the dissemination of that imagery, out of respect for the contract we have with the soldiers we have sent to perform the most traumatising of all acts - to kill.


What we have done in Australia, is cognitively and decisively glorified our deceased veterans on ANZAC Day, on Remembrance Day and in media suicide stories (and only ever through the metaphor of maternal grief), whilst damning our living ADF members and veterans and forgetting their number one function (kill or be killed), is a function sanctioned by both Australia and Afghanistan, demanded of them by you the voters, to protect our national security and to stabilise international tensions.


The nation has decided that the full narrative surrounding veterans is one we must not look at. When was the last time you heard the term “terrorist?” Or “sharia law?” Or “Taliban?” All of these things still exist, little girls are still executed if found to be educated, little boys are still being trained to kill and little kids are still playing dress-ups with suicide vests and used as weapons. Yet, we as a nation have decided not to look at these things… we have allowed our Prime Minister and Chief of Defence Force to apologise to our enemies in Afghanistan, whilst hanging our heroes out to dry by a noose.


The problem with trauma, is that the human mind protects itself from annihilation by compartmentalising that trauma in a space in the mind’s deepest recesses. In the absence of a compassionate society (by which I mean the absence of compassionate leadership, and compassionate therapy), this suppressed trauma brews like lava until either it is appropriately treated, or that volcano explodes in the form of aberrant behaviour, of mental illness, or suicide.


I can’t help draw the ironic comparison, between Ben Roberts-Smith VC MG burying this trauma deep inside the mind and allegedly burying USB drives inside a pink plastic children’s lunchbox, hiding them from both police and military investigations. In fact, this act is not simply an ironic symbolism, this is exactly what is happening inside the minds of our SASR soldiers. The information contained on those USB drives, is the exact same trauma that is stored deep inside their minds’ recesses.


That evidence of war trauma, whether it’s suppressed in the mind, in a pink plastic children’s lunchbox, or buried 6ft under - it is trauma that is not only being suppressed and buried, it’s being punished. Suicide attempts among ADF personnel are still - in 2021 - being met with a military charge of “prejudicial conduct” and ultimately a discharge from the ADF, sending a very strong message to everyone else to hide every crack and every evidence that a member is in the hurt locker.


When trauma is overwhelming, the mind often protects itself by disabling its ability to experience ‘empathy.’and our veteran space is over-burdened with an overwhelming number of both veterans and their family members, whose fractured sense of empathy has created a landscape that is fundamentally toxic, culminating in worsened trauma, increased homelessness, mental illness, suicides... and aberrant behaviours.


If Australia wants to make this kind of trauma worse, then by all means - keep prodding and provoking our most traumatised veterans with stigmatising, shaming and punitive national judgements... but keep in mind that every one of our 641,000 veterans in this country is trained to kill, their rage is rapidly building and like any volcano - it will eventually erupt unless an urgent, national refocus of compassion is directed at the problem.


Ben Roberts-Smith VC MG was awarded those post-nominals for killing the enemy with heroic degree of bravery ... the only thing that has changed since he was awarded those post-nominals is the increased magnitude of toxic envy of everyone around him .


There's an interesting JPG doing the rounds on the net - see HERE.





Minister bans ‘woke agenda’ in Defence.


After giving the head-shed in defence a dressing down over ‘twerking dancers’ at a ship commissioning ceremony, Minister for defence Peter Dutton, has again spoken harsh words to his ‘top brass’ in the wake of this week’s anti-homophobia day. The international day against homophobia, biphobia, interphobia and transphobia – IDAHOBIT – was celebrated in many communities and organisations around the country, including in defence, on Monday 17th May. See the Alan Jones interview below.




Chief of defence General Angus Campbell and Defence Secretary Greg Moriarty were forced to issue a defence-wide order, banning any and all gatherings, including morning teas, that encouraged ADF employees to ‘wear particular clothes’.


Monday, 17th May’s, IDAHOBIT morning tea organisers encouraged participants to wear “visible rainbow clothing or ally pins”. Minister Dutton apparently told the Sydney Morning Herald that he had been very clear to the chiefs that he would not tolerate discrimination – “but we are not pursuing a woke agenda”.


(Woke is an American term that refers to awareness of issues that concern social justice and racial justice. Since the late 2010s, it has also been used as a general term for left-wing political movements and perspectives which emphasise the identity politics of people of colour, LGBT people and women.)



“Our task is to build up the morale in the Australian Defence Force and these woke agendas don’t help.” the communique from General Campbell and Defence Secretary Moriarty said, among other things, that defence “must at all times be focused on our primary mission to protect Australia’s national security interests” and “we must not be putting effort into matters that distract from this”.


The communiqué also said that “changing language protocols” should cease – in an apparent reference to a recent memo that reportedly instructed defence staff not to use the term ‘husband’ or ‘wife’ because to do so assumed a heterosexual relationship, which could be offensive to LGBTQI people.


As the communiqué was signed by both CDF General Campbell and Defence Secretary Moriarty, the order applied equally to military members and Australian Public Service staff in Defence.




A petrol powered car, towing a diesel generator,

charging an electric car.


The future is stupid!







Boof-Head brigade.

Wayne Eade, Mudgee


The boof-head brigade were out in force again on Saturday 24 July, marching in mass in protest against the lock-down laws which even a stupid person could understand were necessary to protect society from the dreaded Delta version of Covid-19.


Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane saw hundreds of these wankers flout the law thinking they were above it and at the same time immune to the virus, in a few days it will be interesting to see how many of the idiots come down with it - it they do they should be left to their own devices, heal yourself you boof-head.


You just wonder at their stupidity, on the very day they hit the streets, 163 extra people were infected - next week it could be much worse.


Police are not taking this lying down, so far quite a number of the dolts have been charged, with more to come. Police are trolling through video footage of the events and sensible people are dobbing in some of the idiots, let's just hope Mr and Mrs magistrate take it as seriously as the Police have.


How true?


A shout-out of sincere thanks to the 5,308,500 sensible Sydneysiders who avoided the wanton stupidity on Saturday. To the 3,500 wannabe William Wallaces shouting “freedom”, I trust that that freedom extends to being free of all government intrusions into your lives, including public transport, schools, water and sewage services, and hospitals. 





Click HERE to see some ABC video of the idiots.





Critique on Australia’s Defence Force.

The West Australian

15 June 2021


While our soldiers on the ground act with honour, the top brass have a lot to answer for. Would you honestly let your son or daughter join the Australian Defence Force today? How can an organisation that actually contains some of the finest, best trained and professional people in the country have such an appalling public image?


It is certainly not the fault of the dedicated men and women who serve in the Australian army, Navy and Air Force. They remain a credit to the uniform they proudly wear and continue to have the support of the Australian people. The problem lies with the military top brass who have disgracefully abandoned those beneath them and run for cover once the criticism starts.


This is the same bunch of so-called leaders who ran the operation in Afghanistan from the comfort and safety of a completely different country — the Joint Taskforce headquarters at the Al Minhad Airbase in the United Arab Emirates. Like First World War Generals, they sat back while those under their command were fighting in the dirt.


For years, the bungling military leadership has suppressed the stories of heroism and sacrifice our warriors have made on our behalf. Difficult word that, warriors, but I will come back to it.


When media organisations requested access to embed with our troops in Afghanistan, the top brass refused, denying Australians the chance to hear and see just what our soldiers were doing there. In Britain, the media ran regular reports of soldiers fighting in the desert. It is hard to believe Prince Harry managed to blow the enormous public love and support he won from the coverage of his exploits with the British Army in Afghanistan. When the coffins came home with the British flag draped over them, they were welcomed back by proud Brits literally lining the streets to thank them for their sacrifice.


In Australia, the politicians were worried that flag-draped coffins would cost them votes. Particularly in a war where the nervous generals would not allow any details of the heroic actions our soldiers were taking part in to be told. The answer was to send the SAS back on high rotation, many of them flying out to Tarin Kowt with a psychiatric waiver in their kit bag for the trauma they suffered and had not dealt with from the last tour.


Barrister Bruce McClintock, in the opening address of his client Ben Roberts-Smith’s defamation case against Nine and three of its journalists last week, said the Victoria Cross winner and his colleagues were sent to Afghanistan to kill insurgents. “If people have a quarrel with that, it should be with the government that sent the soldiers to war and not the soldiers themselves.”


This was a war, like Vietnam, where the enemy blended seamlessly with the general population. And they were killers.


In its latest annual report, Amnesty International said: “In May, a maternity hospital in the Dasht-e-Barchi neighbourhood in the west of the capital, Kabul, was attacked by gunmen. They killed 24 people, including newborn babies, pregnant women and health workers.” That is the calibre of people our Australian soldiers were fighting.


But that is not the story our military top brass chose to tell the Australian people. When they finally allowed a journalist access, they chose Gold Walkley winner Chris Masters, who was writing a book. He latched onto the gripes of envy and bitching in an exhausted cohort and produced an expose. The military leaders then hired “feminist civilian” sociologist Dr Samantha Crompvoets, who they have so far paid more than $6.5m, (while SAS got $169.77 a day) to look at cultural change. Last week she doubled down on her woke agenda without understanding that she is actually alienating the majority of the rank-and-file in the military.


She was given access to the SAS and after a short time with them came out with uncorroborated stories of war crimes, which, if true, would be terrible. But where was her evidence?


Next, we got the Brereton inquiry, which was “not bound by the rules of evidence” and came up with 25 elite soldiers who were involved in unlawfully killing 39 Afghan men and adolescent males. No one has been charged but careers have been ruined without trial as Defence issues soldiers with “show cause” notices as to why they should not be sacked.


What a shemozzle.


New Defence Minister Peter Dutton took the correct decision in staring down the baying mob and reinstating the medal for all those who served in Afghanistan. Retrospective history is ugly. Those soldiers cannot go back in history and decide not to put their lives on the line for their country. It takes months and years for Defence to break a civilian down and turn them into a soldier. But at the other end, for far too long our veterans have been spat out with no effort put into preparing and rebuilding them for civilian life. Thank you for your service.


When The Daily Telegraph joined the mothers of veterans who had taken their own lives in calling for a royal commission into veteran suicide, the response from the military top brass was a deafening silence. They wanted it to go away. Fortunately, there are some with greater fortitude and a stronger moral compass than those sitting behind big desks in Defence and jostling for a crack at being the next governor-general .


In April, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a long overdue royal commission into the issue.


So, we return to the word warrior. It seems we ask our soldiers to be warriors and then complain when they are. The split-second, life-or-death decision made in the dust of Afghanistan is easily judged from the couch of a lounge room in Sydney. No one is endorsing war crimes, and if there is evidence it should be brought forward. But the majority of our brave men and women in the Australian armed forces are good moral people making a far greater sacrifice than the rest of us in standing up for our country.


They deserve our support and that of their commanders.


Unfortunately, Defence leadership is a disgrace, its self-serving leaders have betrayed the men and women they are supposed to lead. Mr Dutton has a huge job on his hands to change the insipid rainbow culture that has been foisted on our armed forces.


He needs to take a broom through the place and the best place to start is at the top.





Justin Huggett

                   The Courier Mail.

3rd May


If you spend a long enough time as an enlisted soldier, you start picking up common themes that are shared within the enlisted ranks. One of the most common is the notion that the higher the rank an officer achieves, the further they lurch away from being a soldier and the closer they become to being a hoop-jumping, wannabe politician. It’s hard to say at exactly what rank the transition from soldier to “suit” begins, but by the time you’re high enough up that chain of command. your uniform is now just a costume and you’re impersonating a soldier.


Let’s call a spade a shovel, this political correctness rot started with then Chief of the Army David Morrison and his holier-than-thou “standards” speech after the Knights of the Jedi Council email incident, which saw six army members sacked for sharing emails about sexual exploits. This speech and other actions later taken by Morrison sent troops the message that they should show no loyalty, no faith or trust in subordinates and declare them guilty before any proof is presented. This kind of morale-sapping political correctness from military men has potentially damaged the army to the point it may never recover.


The decision by Defence Force chief Angus Campbell to strip all Meritorious Unit Citations from about 3000 special forces soldiers who served in Afghanistan as “collective punishment” for alleged crimes uncovered by the Brereton inquiry is another example of this outrageous political correctness. If the army is to recover though, it’s going to be because of hard-nosed men like Defence Minister Peter Dutton, Herbert MP Phillip Thompson and Assistant Defence Minister Andrew Hastie. In the last few weeks, these three men have taken it upon themselves to address our troops and reconfirm their mission; you are our country’s defenders and you are trained to kill our enemies and we have your back.


The embarrassing thing is this didn’t come from our current serving chiefs. It comes from two former soldiers and a tough old copper. I got into my fair share of trouble as a young Digger and even as a non-commissioned officer. When that happens, you end up on the Command Sergeant Major or Regimental Sergeant Major’s “mat” with your heels together. For the uninitiated, that’s army speak for you’re about to get a good ripping that will leave you with your ears ringing. Last month, Mr Dutton had a general standing fast on his mat, heels pressed together, and binned his abhorrent decision to strip our hero operators of citations and medals they bravely earned in Afghanistan. In the veteran and military space, Peter Dutton just won best and fairest.


Why and how did it even get this far?


How do officers end up in positions where they can make these woefully inept, morale-evaporating decisions? How is a high-ranking officer, the man in charge of the whole show, so weak of mind that he buckles to public pressure and the bleaters on the left? Even worse he is more than willing to judge everyone by the alleged actions of a few. I’ll say that again, alleged.


Nothing proven in a court.


Disbanding one of the country’s most elite fighting squadrons and blanket punishing thousands of war-fighting soldiers that have held the frontline for the last 12 years. Disgraceful! Thank God Mr Dutton had the spine to do what his hopeless predecessor didn’t. And can you believe it, it’s taken a politician with no military background to fix a monumental military screw up. It’s difficult to judge the true leadership abilities of commanders when bullets aren’t zipping past your face and the fear, confusion and fog of war is not assaulting and overwhelming all your senses. But when the basic concept of presuming one’s innocence until guilt is proven can’t be respected, it must call into question the competence of any leader.


I genuinely hope and pray the brilliant officers I know and served under can make it into positions of power to properly correct this ship’s course. Mr Dutton, the enlisted men and women of the Australian Defence Force are the engine room. They do the sweating, they do the bleeding and they do the majority of the dying. Keep them happy and you’ll have a formidable fighting force.


Finally, Mr Dutton, I need to ask it. Can you give the Diggers back their skulls, their cross bones and their reapers, give them back their phantom flag? The wearing of these symbols was banned in 2018, but they are not “arrogant death symbols”. It’s just PC generals at work again.


In April 2018, Australia's Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Angus Campbell issued a directive prohibiting the wearing of 'death' symbols. Campbell said the practice was arrogant, ill-considered and that it eroded the ethos of the Army.



Justìn Huggett is a former infantry platoon sergeant and a Medal for Gallantry recipient





How to stop time:  Kiss.    How to travel in time:  Read.    How to escape time:  Music.





Begone, Covid dictators

Warren Mundine.


The Corona virus is bad enough, but bureaucratic tyranny is turning Australians against Australians ‚ I’ve had enough of them shutting down livelihoods, putting us under house arrest, closing schools, keeping families apart and banning free travel across this country. We are one country, not eight.


Chief health officers are revered because they are scientists, supposedly basing decisions on some higher truth. I very much doubt that, given their increasingly bizarre edicts.



I thought we’d reached peak stupidity when South Australian CHO Nicola Spurrier, warned football fans to duck if the ball came near them in case Collingwood players had brought Covid from Victoria. (Collingwood??  She had a point there – tb)




And then Queensland CHO Jeannette Young gave the anti-vaxxer movement its greatest boost since the Wakefield fraud. She opposed allowing all age groups to have the AstraZeneca vaccine if they wished to, declaring “I don’t want an 18 year old in Queensland dying from a clotting illness who, if they got Covid, probably wouldn’t die”.


The risk of dying from a TTS blood clot following an AstraZeneca vaccination is one in two million, about the same as dying from a lightning strike. The risk of dying in a car accident is 56 times higher. Will Young ban 18 year-olds from car travel? Not too fast:  the risk of dying as a pedestrian is 16 times higher.


And if Queensland’s CHO thinks the risk to young people is so low, why did she shut schools?


NSW’s CHO, Kerry Chant, advises that 75 to 80 percent of the population needs to be vaccinated before normality can return, even though few countries in the world have yet achieved this. Why the entire population, why include young people when Queensland’s CHO says they have Buckley’s chance of death?


Do these bureaucrats think we’re all fools?

  • Where’s the science in closing gyms but not construction sites.

  • Where’s the science in allowing thousands to a football match but not a few hundred to church?

  • Where’s the science in saying a man can go to a brothel but can’t dance with his wife.

  • Where’s the science in allowing drinking sitting down but not standing up?  Is it because it may lead to dancing?

These examples are farcical, others are cruel.

  • Where’s the science in changing border restrictions while people are mid-air? Recently Queenslanders on a flight from Sydney landed in Brisbane to dozens of Police Officers informing them they were off to two weeks hotel quarantine at a cost of around $4,000 each. Many burst into tears. Bureaucrats with secure employment, remote working and generous leave entitlements may think an unexpected hotel stint is no big deal. Try it when you run a small business, need to work on-site or have used up all your annual leave minding kids during school holidays

  • Where’s the science in denying someone a last visit with their dying father. Are health bureaucrats worried a man with days to live might get sick?

  • Where’s the science in forcing grieving Victorians to Zoom into funerals but allowing Victoria’s CHO Brett Sutton, to travel to Canberra for a conference.

Border closures have literally killed babies. Last year a Ballina woman, denied entry to Queensland, lost one of her twins after waiting 16 hours for a care flight to Sydney. Queensland’s Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk declared “People living in NSW, they have NSW hospitals. In Queensland we have Queensland hospitals for our people”.


Four babies died because South Australia has no paediatric cardiac facilities and the usual emergency transfers to Melbourne were denied. I’s common sense that babies should be permitted o be transported interstate, even in a pandemic, rather than be left to die. And!  While state bureaucrats and politicians lock us up, shut down businesses, put people out of work and literally allowed babies to die, many have pocketed huge pay rises.


It’s disgusting!


We’ve learned a lot about Covid-19 in the past 18 months. We know many early fears and predictions were unfounded and exaggerated. We’ve seen health officials and scientists, globally, contradict themselves, act out of politics and self-interest, dismiss a hypothesis about Covid’s origins, now regarded as the most credible, as a “conspiracy theory.”


Health officials aren’t infallible. And they’re certainly not saints. The Quiet Australians are sick and tired of it.

  • Sick of the politics between states and the Commonwealth.

  • Sick of the chopping and changing

  • Sick of the fear-mongering.

  • Sick of border closures, lockdowns and disruptions to out work, businesses, families, education, health and lives.

  • And we’re sick of the self-righteousness


People will forgive mistakes. They won’t forgive continuing to make the same ones.





Brig Adrian D’Hage (Ret’d)



So - after nearly 18 months, we have A PLAN! Forced into producing one and written in a desperate hurry on the back of a fag packet, we're in Phase 1 - we "vaccinate, prepare and pilot". Catchy marketing spin (which is about the extent of Morrison's vision), but the elephant in the room? We don't have the vaccines. And until we do, we won't get to Phase 2 which is - wait for it - "Post Vaccination".


Who would have thought.


That only occurs when enough of us have been able to get a jab. When? Who knows. What number is enough? We don't know. But according to our esteemed "leader" - "we could possibly enter this phase next year." Comforting stuff.


Phases 3 - Covid is like the flu - and 4 - "A kind of normal" are somewhere on the far horizon.


This "plan" should have been produced over 12 months ago, as should the construction of quarantine facilities in every state, to focus on just one of many failures. The States have all made mistakes, but the Federal Government is ultimately responsible for providing national leadership. And that's not hindsight.


4 years out from the Sydney Olympics when I was thrown the hospital pass of providing the hard defence, we put ourselves in the shoes of a terrorist and planned for every possible attack - from chemical and biological (we didn't have a capability, so we raised a regiment and sent them over to Canada to train on live pathogens, just in case) all the way up to the missing Russian nuclear suitcases.


Hope for the best and plan for the worst - what if the virus mutates? They all do - so not rocket science. What if it becomes airborne? Ditto - a distinct possibility. But like most other areas - be it energy, climate change, water ... - this government doesn't do policy and planning - it just reacts, and in the case of Covid, millions of Australians and tens of thousands of businesses are feeling the pain, and will do so for many months to come.


The plan you have when you don't actually have a plan.




A refection on our engagement in Afghanistan.

Echoes of Vietnam.

Gavin O’Brien


As Australian troops pull out of their twenty year engagement in Afghanistan, I find myself reflecting on the similarities of the outcome of this conflict and the war that I served in Vietnam, half a century ago.


In the 1960’s the Australian Government made a decision to deploy a specialized team, the AATTV, to assist the South Vietnamese Government in what we now know was a civil war. The decision was made as part of the policy of assisting our ‘great and powerful friend’, the United States, in its campaign to contain Communism. This grew at its peak to a task force of three Battalions and support personal.


I was a National Serviceman who served as a Medic at 8th Field Ambulance, Nui Dat, 1970/71 during the ‘wind down’ and final withdrawal of our troops from Nui Dat in October 1971.



Following “9/11”, the Bush administration embarked on a military campaign to topple the Taliban in Afghanistan on the pretext they were harbouring Osama Ben Laden, blamed for the attack on the World Trade Centre. Prime Miniser, John Howard, who happened to be in Washington at the time, immediately committed our military to the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan. Ben Laden was subsequently captured and killed, not in Afghanistan, but in Pakistan, a U.S. ally.


Compared to Vietnam, our commitment was small. The Government knew that a National Service type scheme to increase Army manpower would be electorally unpalatable. Unlike Vietnam, Regular Army and Support personal were deployed on a rotational basis. As a result, many Afghanistan Veterans completed multiple tours. Vietnam Veterans rarely completed more than one 12 month ‘tour’. In view of my experience and its impact on my mental and physical heath, the rotation of troops to Afghanistan on such a recurring basis over the twenty years of the conflict may prove to be unwise in terms of these veterans’ health issues in future years.


The collapse of South Vietnam in the closing days of April, 1975 is etched indelibly on my memory, as is the shock, trauma and disbelief that I experienced during that period. The images on the nightly news of Vietnamese scrambling to escape and being beaten back by Embassy guards; the final scene of people boarding a helicopter on the roof of a Saigon high-rise building, are as vivid to me today as they were then.



The unholy haste of our troops departing Afghanisan, as America realizes that the two decade long war is lost, is a stark reminder of our final days in Vietnam. No doubt many Vietnam Veterans are feeling again, as I am the regrets of today’s soldiers as they depart from another conflict with an outcome; Mission failed. It would be traumatic for today's veterans to discover, as we did, that political considerations are paramount.


Finally, my heart goes out to the people of Afghanistan who have endured at least a century or more of war. First the British, then the Russians, lastly, we and others, who have invaded, then left this war torn country in ruins. Following the Communist victory in Vietnam, I spent years wondering about the fate of Vietnamese who backed the wrong horse, particularly those with whom I worked and came to know as friends? The fate of those who backed the wrong horse in Afghanistan remains unknown, however if the pronouncements of the Taliban are correct, their future is bleak indeed. Leaving our Afghanistan co-workers to their fate at the hands of the Taliban fills me with dread. Our departure from Vietnam was chillingly similar.


Looking to the future; once the Taliban takes power there will be terrible retribution, as was the case in Vietnam, however as the Vietnamese government discovered, such policies are counterproductive. While Iran with its strict Islamic rulers is yet to discover its hard-line policies have been a disaster for their people, one hopes that the Taliban will realise that rapprochement with the West will be necessary for the war-torn country’s recovery. That realization may take years.


In the meantime, as happened after 1975, when many Vietnamese became the ‘boat people’; many Afghanis, unable or unwilling to live under brutal ‘sharia law’, will flee Afghanistan for the West. We will once more be faced with a flood of refugees. I fear for their future, unless this Government, like the Frazer Government, shows some compassion for the people crisis it helped to generate.



Gavin O’Brien served as a National Serviceman. He was a Medical Assistant, Royal Australian Army Medical Corps. He was posted to 8th Field Ambulance, 1s Australian Task Force (1ATF) at Nui Dat, Phouc Tuy, (South) Vietnam from November 11th 1970 to October 23rd 1971.He was with the last Australians to depart Nui Dat early in early October, 1971.








Tony Horsington


The Special Air Service Regiment seeks out and destroys Australia’s most dangerous enemies. It targets the leaders of terror organisations who are shielded by suicidal, heavily armed Jihadis embedded amongst co-operative “civilians”.


Our enemies don’t like us and they do their best to kill us with no moral restraint and complete impunity. The Mujahideen don’t have much use for a Human Rights Commission. The SAS cannot fight enemies like that by adhering to normal Western moral standards. If we did, it would be leveraged as a weakness by the enemy. We have to keep them guessing about our limits. I wouldn’t deploy if I was working with blokes who operated like predictable Mr Nice Guys.


The ADF is currently conducting a full-blown enquiry into "rumours of possible breaches of the laws of armed conflict” by Australian special forces in Afghanistan. We are alleged to have operated with “disregard for human life and dignity”. Fair enough. I don’t know one bloke I served with who has a high regard for the lives of terrorists. There’s nothing dignified about IEDs and their fighting methods either.



We are not sent out to deliver a personal dignity entitlement to our enemies. We go out to kill them. Right now the Chief of Defence Force is doing immense damage to our troops deployed in Afghanistan. Australian taxpayers are paying for ads in the Afghani press encouraging Afghanis to dob in Australian troops for war crimes. How idiotic is that? What a propaganda gold mine; and you can be certain the enemy will be using it against us.


The Australian enquiry will receive heaps of responses from the enemy, let’s face it they are embedded among the local Afghans. And what will it achieve? How do you think Australian troops will respond to allegations against them from the enemy? This might be difficult for outsiders to hear, but even if boundaries have been overstepped, unless the entire patrol turned on each other there will be little chance of any evidence to support any claims made by the enemy or Afghan civilians.


SAS troops obey orders. We go where we’re ordered to go and act as we’re ordered to act. There’s no allegations that I know of that say SAS troops have failed to obey orders. Whatever’s been done has been the work of a highly disciplined team of professional, accountable soldiers operating within their own internal chain of command - and that goes all the way to the top.


Smiling politicians are always on hand to get their photo taken and congratulate us on our results. Well God help any ADF leadership that tries to hang a few young troopers out to dry.


So what are we stuck with?

  • A bombardment of allegations that will ALL have to be investigated at taxpayer expense.

  • SAS unit members taken away from their duties to “help” the investigation and for interviews with investigators.

  • The usual bags of tax payers money given to the enemy in compensation for alleged wrongdoing by us - even if unproven

  • SAS tactics and operational security compromised by our own Government and Defence force due to a call for an open investigation and for transparency from left wing journalists to mention a few.

  • Resentments amongst the SAS members and as is common practice much more secrecy, which is a certainty at the grass root levels.

The ADF’s investigation into the rumours has already been leaked to Fairfax and the ABC who've made the leaked material public. As a result of Fairfax and the ABC’s reports, the Russians have now joined in to make life more difficult for us in the field. As a result, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement about “The crimes committed by Australian troops in Afghanistan”.


Using the ABC and Fairfax’s reports, the Russian statement said Australians have engaged in “systematic, unauthorized and groundless use of weapons, particularly against civilians.” It quotes the ABC as the source for “shocking facts about cold-blooded murders committed by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan”.


Total bullshit, created by our taxpayer funded broadcaster to be used by our enemies against us. The ABC is always going on about Russia and scandals. Looks like they've made one of their own.


There are plenty of problems in Australian society. There is definitely a problem in the ADF, but it’s not the war fighters. It’s our leadership and the tone they set - from the PM down.




The “stupid” Dr Allan Orr, a supposed “expert” in counter-insurgency who served as a consultant to the Coalition Counter-Insurgency Academy in Iraq during the war says “the entire Special Air Service regiment must be disbanded’. 


Why do people listen to this bloke, he’s the one who should be disbanded - tb




RAAF replaces 'airmen' with 'aviators'


Members of Australia's Air Force will no longer be referred to as 'airmen', with the service adopting the term 'aviators'. Air Force Chief Mel Hupfeld announced the change at a recent Air Force dinner, declaring it would bring about a stronger sense of identity.


The service has long-struggled with describing who it is, compared to what it does, he said. "We are all aviators," Air Marshal Hupfeld said. "As an Air Force, we are born of the air and space. It is our home, and the place from which we serve our nation. Our trade is aviation. "In everything that we do, we are aviators first and foremost. All of us, by virtue of what we do and what we believe. It is what binds us together."


The decision was revealed in a statement from the Department of Defence.




Germany bids farewell to Angela Merkel


With six minutes of warm applause, on the streets, balconies, windows, the whole country applauded for six minutes – spectacular example of leadership and defence of humanity.


The Germans elected her to lead them and she led 80 million Germans for 18 years with competence, skill, dedication and sincerity. She did not utter nonsense. She did not appear in the alleys of Berlin to be photographed. She was dubbed “The Lady of the World” and who was described as ‘the equivalent of six million men.


‘During these 18 years of her leadership of the authority in her country, no transgressions were recorded against her. She did not assign any of her relatives to a government post. She did not claim that she was the maker of glories. She did not get millions in payment, nor did anyone cheer her performance, she did not receive charters and pledges, she did not fight those who preceded her.


On the 19th July, Merkel left the party leadership position and handed it over to Armin Laschet and Germany and its German people are in the best condition ever.



The reaction of the Germans was unprecedented in the history of the country. The entire population went out to their balconies of their houses and clapped for her spontaneously for six continuous minutes. A standing ovation nationwide. Germany stood as one body bidding farewell to their leader, a chemical physicist who was not tempted by the fashion or the lights and did not buy real estate, cars, yachts and private planes, knowing that she is from former East Germany.


She left her post after leaving Germany at the top. She left and her relatives did not claim advantage. Eighteen years and she never changed her wardrobe. God be upon this silent leader. At a press conference, a female journalist asked Merkel: “We notice that you’re wearing the same suit, don’t you have any other? She replied: “I am a government employee and not a model” At another press conference, they asked her: Do you have housemaids who clean your house, prepare your meals and so on? Her answer was: “No, I do not have servants and I do not need them. My husband and I do this work at home every day.


Then another journalist asked: “Who is washing the clothes, you or your husband? Her answer: “I arrange the clothes, and my husband is the one who operates the washing machine, and it is usually at night because electricity is available and there is no pressure on it, and the most important thing is to take into account the possible inconvenience for the neighbours, thankfully the wall separating our apartment from the neighbours is thick. She said to them, “I expected you to ask me about the successes and failures in our work in the government?


“Mrs. Merkel lives in a normal apartment like any other citizen. She lived in this apartment before being elected Chancellor of Germany. She did not leave it and does not own a villa, servants, swimming pools or gardens. Merkel, now the former Chancellor of Germany, hands over to her successor the strongest economy in Europe.


Joachim Sauer (born 19 April 1949) is a German quantum chemist and professor emeritus of physical and theoretical chemistry at the Humboldt University of Berlin. He is the husband of the former chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel.


Merkel attended the University of Leipzig, where she studied physics from 1973 to 1978, earning her doctorate in 1978. She was awarded a doctorate for her thesis on quantum chemistry in 1986.


An exemplary leader who quit when it was time.




The best part about getting older is………Nothing!

Getting older sucks!




Climate Change.


I think by now, most people would have picked up the idea that I’m a climate change sceptic. I don’t dispute the fact that the climate is changing, anyone and everyone can see that it is, what I can’t accept is that we’re the cause of it.


I do accept the fact that we’re polluting the planet, that’s a given, but I’m not presumptuous enough to think we have the power to alter its climate.


Unfortunately, when it comes to climate change, emotions have been allowed to overcome science. The pony-tails, who lead the march, are now joined by the media, which for reasons unknown, are promoting only one side of the argument. There is plenty of evidence promoting the other side, but who would know? If you dare to question it you're immediately branded a heretic - you're not debated, you're bashed for having the hide to have an opposing opinion..


If you stand back and look at it clinically, climate change is now a major business, there is an awful lot of money involved and perhaps this could be the reason we only hear from the red corner.


It will all come out one day and perhaps I’ll be the one with egg on my face – perhaps.


Until then, HERE’s a bit from the blue corner.  tb






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