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Some of the pics on this page have been crunched to allow them to open quicker.

You can see/download the HD version by clicking each pic.



ANZAC Day 2021.  Brisbane.


Anzac Day, 25 April, is arguably Australia’s most important national day. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. In Brisbane, on the 10th January 1916, the Anzac Day Commemoration Committee was formed as a citizen’s committee by a mass meeting of people of Brisbane and was appointed to make arrangements for, and carry out, the celebration of ANZAC Day as a gift of the people to commemorate the fallen, remember the wounded and recognise the courage of Australia’s servicemen. The Anzac Day Commemoration Committee continues to organise the Dawn Service at Anzac Square in Ann Street, Brisbane.



Anzac Day has been continuously commemorated since 1916. The Brisbane Anzac Day Parade, together with dawn vigils, memorial services and Veterans’ reunions have been a feature of the commemoration of Anzac Day by the Citizens of Brisbane since its earliest days.


The Brisbane Anzac Day Parade has always been run by the Citizens of Brisbane. The Anzac Day Parade Brisbane Committee (ADPB) has proudly provided the planning and coordination role, with support from the Anzac Day Commemoration Committee and the Returned and Services League of Australia. The South Eastern District of the RSL has provided the Secretariat for the ADPB continuously since 1928.


While the Brisbane Anzac Day Parade was initially a commemoration of the sacrifice of WWI veterans and then WWII veterans, in keeping with the changing focus of Anzac Day nationally, it is today a commemoration of the sacrifices of those who have ‘defended’ our Australian way of life in all conflicts and military commitments by Australian Forces since WWI. It remains a significant commemorative event on one of Australia’s most important national days and complements the Dawn and Memorial Services, as well as regional parades.


In Brisbane a number of CBD streets are closed to vehicle traffic from 3.00am until 3.00pm to allow the parade to take place and to allow the many thousands of people of Brisbane and surrounds to line the streets to give thanks to both current and ex-service people.


Adelaide Street, Brisbane, early on ANZAC Day morning, with crowds starting to take up their preferred positions.



With 2021 being the 100th anniversary of the formation of the RAAF, the Air Force was given the honour of being the leading service in the March and men and women from various Squadron Associations, as well as serving men and women in uniform, began to form up from 9.00am. The March, which is a huge event, is scheduled to start at 10.00am and finish at midday and the Committee, with their dozens of volunteers, do an excellent job, allocating form up areas in surrounding streets, then meshing all the different groups of people, with accompanying bands, to form a continuous stream of marchers.


Those with too many birthdays under their belts, or who are unable to march the one kilometre down Adelaide St due to illness, are offered a ride in either a Jeep or golf buggy. The organising Committee seamlessly blend the Jeep carrying the Veteran into the march behind the Veterans’ Squadron or Unit.


Jeeps line up in Elizabeth St, behind the Myer Centre, awaiting their passengers.



The proud WRAAFs formed up with their banner with Secretary Janet Noack getting the girls organised.


Dawn McKernan, Val Machin.




Rhonda Forrest,  Pam Treloar.



Finally Janet had the ladies lined up and ready to go, with SqnLdr Kylie Wootton from HQ96 Wing leading the march and Dawn McKernan holding the banner.




After the march, the ladies formed up on the steps of the GPO for a group photo.




The 2 Sqn Association formed up in Charlotte St, waiting for the signal to march off.




As did the Defence Guards.




And the RTFV-35 Sqn Association.


John “Sambo” Sambrooks, Russell Collins.



It seems Brisbane City Council is trialling a new male “open-air” display toilet system. We don’t know if this is a result of the ABCDEF “craze” that’s sweeping the nation or part of the new breed ‘wanem sex’ idiocy but what ever the reason, it was a complete flop and remained unused.




Interior of the open air, on display toilet where 6 men at a time are “supposed” to stand back to back relieving themselves. Who wants to see that? What’s next, get rid of this structure and just use the trees or parking metres that dot the streets. Who are the people who think this is a good idea?  You really have to wonder sometimes.



We’re not against people who were born as men or women thinking or wanting to be women or men, that’s their business, what gets up our nose is they think we should care when in actual fact we couldn't care less. We don’t give a damn, they can do as they please – good luck to them, similarly, gay people have a right to their own ideology, if that’s their want, well and good – but it’s not ours. Why the hell do I have to change my ways to suit them – let them change their ways to suit me!   tb



After waiting patiently for the signal to fall in, the Squadron Associations headed off. Click HERE to see an example of precision marching drill. Who said the RAAF can’t march?




The next 3 pics are from RAAF image link


The PAF were pretty good – they looked very professional.






Click the pic below to see the troops.









After the march, the RTFV-35 Sqn and 9 Sqn Associations, joined by 35 Sqn from Amberley and others headed for the Jade Buddha to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, take in the spectacular view, meet a bunch of old mates, enjoy some refreshments and just enjoy themselves.




Those at the Jade Buddha include: (All names left to right).


Amelia, Liam Dixon,  Nathan Batchelor.



Standing:  Michael Nemiec,  Dale Sewell,  Seated:  Craig Fenton,  Chris Clark,  Karl Reichardt,  Tayla Schrapel.



Casey Done,  Diane Towns.



Cassandra and Adam Selby,  Emmanuel and Zambella Anosa.



David and little Xavier Hughes, Mollie Honey.



Diane Towns,  Brendan Matthewson,  Casey Done.



Geoff “Casanova Kid” Hall and the delightful Ami.



Gina Santangeli,  Laura and Warren Sevil,  Danielle Ball,  Ben Williams,  Darryl Jackson.



Amanda Butler, Susan Leway,  Sue Trimmer.



Helen Riemann,  Sharmaine Roberts.



The ‘always happy’ Jaelle Winter, the Jade Buddha’s “hostess with the mostess” nuzzling up to Bou.



Jennie McIntosh, Laurel Shanley with the very lucky Bou.



Jessie Martin,  Sharon and Shane Collins.



John Lunn,  Max Shaw,  Dennis Window,  Joanne O’Donnell,  Telly Devine.



John “Trackless” Millsom,  Bob Williams,  Graham Dutton,  Stu Cooper.



Les Coulson,  Mitch Pieper-Miels,  Ash Brunette,  Antonio Gutterres.




A Wing Commander walks into a bar and orders everyone around.




Lisa Nguyan,  Murray Steel,  Catherine Thoi,  Chris Branigan.



Lola and Jan Milne.



Malcolm and Terry O’Farrell.



Mark Willcocks,  Pete Campbell.



Jennie McIntosh,  Laurel Shanley.



Michael Brown,  Tiana Heap,  Keahni Heap,  Rhianna Meade.



Nola Luyten.



Pete De Jonge,  Dick Martin,  Bill Mattes,  John Millsom.



Raba Nona,  Rose Webster,  Casey Childs.



Samantha, one excellent sleeper and Jack Farey.  Nathan Marshall.




John “Sambo” Sambrooks,  Pete De Jonge,  Geoff Hall – who’ seems a bit worried about that De Jonge bloke!.



Shane Collins,  Bob Collins,  Kev Collins,  Russell Collins.



Sue Trimmer, Jennie McIntosh and a lucky Trev Benneworth.  (I know, I know, but the Devil made me do it!)



Tara Ahearn,  Colleen Maclean,  Sandy Mitchell,  Hayley MacDonald,  Kelly and Steve Mitchell.







Ted Barnard,  Kel Bankin,  Ted Strugnell.



Terry Barker,  John Griffiths,  Murray Steele,  Chris Branigan.



Standing:  Bruce Anderson,  Kev Irwin,  Seated:  Trevor Horne,  Peter Levick,  John Cridland.



Some of the troops.




And it was great to see the blokes and blokettes from 35 at Amberley joining us - after mixing with us they now know a lot more about aeroplanes and stuff!!





Never confuse education with intelligence.




Over in the West, where unfortunately they were in lockdown, Ted McEvoy, the RAAF's second best Radtech, joined a few others and had their own private ceremony at the Air Force Memorial Estate in Bull Creek.


Sadly, a disillusioned Ted is under the impression that the West Coast Eagles are a team worth following when everyone knows that the Richmond Tigers are the real deal.






We heard from Jimmy "Scotty" Potter who now lives in Scotland. Scotty usually attends the celebration which is held at Edinburgh Castle. The Anzac/Gallipoli Day Service commemorates the Allied landings on the Gallipoli Peninsular in the Eastern Mediterranean on 25th April 1915. Fighting strong opposition from the Turkish forces and in the face of heavy losses, the Allied force was withdrawn during the night of the 8th/9th January 1916. Australian, New Zealand and British forces were involved. The British Forces included the Royal Navy, The Royal Scots, The Royal Scots Fusiliers, The King's Own Scottish Borderers, The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), The Highland Light Infantry, The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, The Ayrshire Yeomanry, The Fife and Forfar Yeomanry, The Lanarkshire Yeomanry, The Lovat Scouts Yeomanry and The Scottish Horse.


The Service is organised by The Royal British Legion Scotland and members of the public are welcome to attend provided that they remain for the whole of the duration of the ceremony, having obtained a ticket available only on the morning of the service.

Scotty said that unfortunately no ANZAC Day events were held here this year, due to the Corona virus, but he said he watched us on TV though at 11pm his time.


The pic below was taken at the castle a couple of years ago, when the world was in normal mode and also shows Michel Leibeck, an ex Army medic who was working in Scotland as a nurse. Michael has since returned to Australia and lives in WA.




Scotty laying a wreath a couple of years ago.



A little bird told us the old bloke might be getting a bit sick of the rotten weather and could be thinking of moving back to Oz for a bit of a holiday.






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