Radschool Association Magazine - Vol 34

Page 17

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Sick Man


Sick Parade.


If you know someone who is a bit crook,

let us know so we can give them a shout out..



Wally Salzmann informs us that Graham Sutcliffe is in Knoxfield Hospital in Melbourne. Graham has prostate cancer and only half of his heart is working. He recently collapsed in Melbourne. Jeff Later says, unfortunately, the news is as bad as it can be, with Pam having to make the decision today on whether to turn off the machine. The girls are taking things very badly and are in Melbourne at present. There is no hope of improvement as a number of organs have shut down and he is in an induced coma at present.




Peter Holmes, who lives just north of the South Pole in Burnie, has recently been in and out of hospital trying to fight off the dreaded diabetes. The prognosis doesn’t look too good and there is a very good chance that he could lose a leg. Unfortunately, it looks like he won’t be lacing up the boots with the Dockers this year.


We wish you well Pete – and a speedy recovery.




The Eyes Have it!!!


John Broughton has been having trouble with his eyes for some time, the dreaded diabetes has played havoc with his left eye and for some time all sight in that eyeJohn Broughton when sent to the grey demodulator came out blurred. That’s not too bad as his left ear is bung too and for many years he’s had mono hearing and mono sight, everything was in equilibrium. But recently, the right eye has started to mimic the left and now the grey material produces only blurred images – and I went with him on a 3,000 klm trip around Qld……I wondered why he kept the big old Labrador handy at all times.


He keeps telling me in explicit detail how the docs have given him needles in the eye (he knows I’m squeamish) and shortly they are going to try and fix one of them. We wish you all the best mate, hope it all works out, Anzac Day in Brisvegas won’t be the same without you.




Paul “Skin” Hickerton advises:  I have the sad duty of informing you that Geoff ‘Farrelli” Farrell (ex CO 5SQN, et al) is currently in Canberra Hospital suffering an aggressive relapse of a previous melanoma incident, and the prognosis is not good. This time the cancer has spread throughout his body and while the Doctors have yet to indicate a timeline the indications are that his death is expected be ‘sooner rather than later’. Apparently Chemo is not a good option as it will only prolong his situation; Radiotherapy may be an option but only to control the pain. His options and ongoing care are currently under discussion which may change the options. It is his wish that he spend his remaining time at home.


The suddenness of onset has taken all by surprise as his previous bout was considered to be a “successful” excision! He currently has his immediate family by his side but I am sure that he would appreciate hearing from friends and colleges. Cathy, his loving wife, is willing to take messages of support, etc, via email HERE or if you prefer, you can pass them through me HERE.




Lance Haslelwood advises that Gary Jones (Two-Dogs) is very ill in Concord Hospital. Gary was an armament fitter with 9 Squadron in Vung Tau from December 1969 to December 1970. His lungs are on the way out and it looks like he'll need a transplant, if of course, he can get onto the transplant program.

When I first heard of Gary's illness a little while ago, I phoned him at home and had a bit of a chat to him. He was in good spirits and seemed to be speaking alright but was on full-time oxygen. I’ve since learned that he has been admitted to Concord with fluid on the lungs and that the situation didn't seem good.  




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