Radschool Association Magazine - Vol 34

Page 18

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     Where are they now?





Harry Andrews.


In issue 26 of the magazine we had a photograph, which was taken in 1947, of a group of RAAF blokes who were on No 1 RTC (G) (below).


No 1 RTC (G)


Peter Wilcock saw the photo and thinks he might know Harry Andrews, who is in the front row (arrowed) and has asked us if we can put them in touch.


Eddie Young (4th from the left in the back row) sent us the pic back in December 2008, and said at the time that he wondered if any other blokes in the photo were still alive as most would be well into their 80’s by now.


If anyone knows where Harry is these days or can help us with a little bit of info on Harry, please get in touch with us by clicking he “Contact us” link above.




Diane Robertson got in touch, she said,   “Is there any way the message below could be passed on to Peter Duncan, who submitted the article about Alec Robertson?

Dear Peter: The article you submitted to the Radschool Association newsletter surfaced on an Internet search while I was looking for information on my brother, Alec Robertson. Although I've never heard of him being called Mang, the rest of your description rings true. There was a significant age difference between my older brother and me. He left home when I was still young, and I never got the chance to know him very well. Do you know anything more about the Alec Robertson mentioned in your article? What I remember of my brother is this:. He went by the nickname of "Smithy", joined the RAAF at 17, went to Vietnam with the RAAF as a helicopter mechanic, then went to work for a seismic survey company in Singapore after discharge from the RAAF. He met and married his Korean wife while working in Singapore, then lived in Brisbane for a while after discharge. He was born in Melbourne, but mostly grew up in Brisbane, then in Southport, Queensland. He was a guitar player. Any more information you can share with me about the Alec that you knew would be appreciated. Thank you. I know you lost track of him some years ago.

No problems Diane - 'tis done!! - tb




Hi, my name is Anne Humphrey and I am looking for a 'Rocky' who was based at Laverton Airforce Base in October 1971. At the time he would have been about 29 years old. I know it’s a long shot and I’m sure I am probably clutching at straws but I would dearly love to get in touch with him. Unfortunately I know very little about him, only that he had a friend called Jim Kennedy and he would have known a girl called Delia O'Donnell.


If you can help, get in touch with us and we’ll pass on the details - tb




Janice Anderson is looking for Darrell Arthur McCune, Army no 38389, who served with 5RAR, in Vietnam from May 1966 to May 1967.Janice is desperately trying to find him as his father is ill and not long to go.


If you can help, please contact Janice by email HERE




Steve Hardigan says, “I have received the following request and if anyone is able to assist please contact Phillip Parsons via email HERE. I've just run into the son of Ron “Shakey” Holling. He was a photographer in Vietnam. The name rings a bell, however as you know there was a 'Shakey" in every unit in the RAAF. If you know him (Shakey) could you fill me in on him as he has just lost his wife this week and his son is very concerned as Shakey is doing it tough at the moment. He may have been at Phan Rang, although if he was at Vungers' in our time it would make this task a little easier. i.e, to get him some help as he may remember us and that would make intro' and offer for help a lot more friendlier.




Steve Hartigan would like some information on (or perhaps you are or know a crew member that was involved in) a 9 Sqn extraction of a SAS team on the 27 June 1967. He believes that Sqn Ldr J H Cox (Dec) may have been the pilot. This information is sought in order hopefully to be able to assist one of the SAS team. If you have any info please email Steve HERE.




We heard from Patrick Lee, a currently serving FSGt, he says:  “I was recently given a box containing pictures, an ID card and exercise books and notes of a WOFF DAR Grant who was an Armourer in the RAAF during WW2. The pictures are mainly of the various Gunnie courses that went through Laverton at the time plus a number of social occasions as well. His service number is 4784, born in Newtown, NSW in Feb 1916, He had nominated his next of kin as Ruth Grant. I believe he died in Mar 94.


If anyone might know of a Grant whose father was in the RAAF, please get in touch as any info would be appreciated in trying to return the box of belongings. If I can’t find an owner, I intend to donate them to Defence Explosive Ordnance Training School (DEOTS) at Orchard Hills.


I've already been contacted by a number of Gunnie associations but the leads they have offered haven't materialised any new information as yet.




Owen Rawlins is interested in contacting some old mates from School of Radio. He was on 116 RTC in 1978/79, if you wish to get in touch with Owen, you can email him HERE



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