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If you’re a 5 star motel type of person, this event is probably not for you. But! - if you’re the type of person who likes an adventure, likes to meet interesting people, see interesting places, do wild and exciting things and bunk down in the semi rough, then this could be just what you’re looking for.


And of course, this ride is open to both men and women – so girls, get involved, we want you to come.


Select Scooters of Melbourne have been gracious enough to allow us 20 of their fantastic little Sym Crox 50 scooters so we can celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Air Force, to raise funds for Legacy and to have one helluva good time by riding these great little machines from Brisbane to Townsville.


Provided that rotten COVID-19 virus has faded into the past and we’re allowed out, provided there’s no cat 5 cyclones hanging around off the coast of Moreton Island and provided we’re not into world war 3, then (hopefully) early on Saturday the 30th April 2022 we’ll leave RAAF Amberley and head north.


Most of us have never ridden a scooter, they are a little different to riding a motor bike, for starters there’s no gears, no foot brake, no foot rests, the wheels are a lot smaller and your feet rest in front of your knees. So that we all make it to Townsville in one piece, we’ll all need to be in Brisbane by Friday the 29th April so we can spend some time being instructed on how to ride the scooters and to be confident on what does what.


All bikes will be the same, all red and everyone will wear the same jackets and helmets, we don't want people bringing their own gear. We want to look like we’re all together, part of a team, not just a bunch of old blokes and blokettes out for a good time.

This is what is included in the package:  (It's all yours to keep after the event)


Riding jacket.

We'll get your measurements for all this equipment later.

Peaked cap

2 Polo shirts each (men and women's)
2 Rain Ponchos.

Safety vest - to be worn while riding.

M2R Helmet

Riding Gloves

Single self-inflating air bed.

2m x 90cm hooded sleeping bag.

1 pillow, 2 pillow cases.

Blue tarp on which to put your air bed.

A chair on which to sit at the end of the day.

A carry bag in which to carry everything.

Plus entry into several tourist attractions along the way.

Accommodation for the 12 nights on the road will be provided by local Councils who have all graciously allowed us the use of their showgrounds. Although this is very commendable of them, conditions are a bit spartan so you will need to bring along some niceties. In all occasions all you will be given is a piece of floor space on which to make your bed.




We’ll provide everyone with a carry bag in which to carry everything, your bedding, pillow, clothes, wash gear, towels etc but try and keep everything to a minimum. All this equipment has to be carried and although we’ll have a few utes to carry everything, space will be limited. You can’t carry anything on the scooters. We don’t want you to bring along a suit-case (port if you’re from NSW) as they don’t stack as well as a soft bag.


If you’ve got a ute and/or a bus and you’d like to come, we want you.


If you've got a few bits on the old body that are at the end of their economical life and you think your bike riding days are long gone but you'd love to come along anyway just for the fun of it, well, unfortunately we don't have room to accommodate you in any of the pavilions but  provided you've got a fully self contained caravan or mobile home you can. It will cost you a little bit, entrance into some attractions etc but it won't be a lot and we'll let you know how much. You'll need to fill in the form too.





Costs are $850 per rider, $500 per supporter and $200 per hanger-oner. Those prices include your scooter plus all of the above all breakfasts and most  lunches (you will need to buy your evening meals and drinks but they will be modest) and will include entry into several attractions.


We suggest you get out there and get sponsors to help pay for your entry. You’re doing something a lot of people could only dream of doing - get them to sponsor you, it’s all for a good cause, raising funds for Legacy. There will be media involved in this so your sponsor could benefit. We’ve had several radio interviews already and many more are promised, as are newspaper stories.


You can hear the radio interviews by clicking the links below.


a.       CrowFM

b.       Radio 4LG

c.       Radio 4SB


We are limited to 20 bikes and each bike will have two riders, each rider taking it in turns. When not riding that idle rider will follow on in a bus. Our numbers are limited by sleeping facilities and we know there will be a lot of interest in this so we might have to have a lottery to determine who comes.


As we are having two to a scooter, if you’re interested, get a bike buddy, talk to a mate and get them to partner you, that way both of you will be allocated a scooter and that will be your ride for the duration. 


We’ve included a form which you will find HERE


If you nominate a Bike Buddy, both you and your Bike Buddy must complete the form.



If you want the holiday of a lifetime, please fill it in and get it back to us. Remember - numbers are limited so don't dilly dally.



Accommodation in Townsville will be excellent and we'll probably stay for a couple of days, do some cruising on the bikes, meet some people.




Getting home from Townsville is everyone's personal responsibility.

If you hold a TPI/EDA Veteran travel card, you can catch the train from Townsville FOC.

Pensioners and seniors can get a 50% discount on train travel.

(See HERE for Queensland concessions)



We intend to do the trip again in February (now January 2022) to confirm everything – then it’s on!





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