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Where are they??



    Where are they now?




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Leigh Green


Hi, my name is David Gross. I am ex RAAF and served in MFO in Sinai, Egypt with many good mates. One of my mates from that time was a top bloke by the name of Leigh Green. He was from 9 Squadron, but also may have done time with 5 Squadron. He served with me in Egypt but also at an earlier time with the RAAF contingent in Ismalia, Egypt. We lost contact. You know how that go’s I am sure. I am trying to make contact with Leigh, have been thinking about him lots over the decades. What has prompted me to email you at this time, is that I have just got back from seeing another “ole” mate in Peterborough SA who also served with Greeny in Ismalia, Egypt. My ole mate is also an ole mate of Greeny.


Big problem is that my mate and Greenys mate is dying. He has Lupus and is pretty well buggered. His name is Russel Page. He is tenacious and has survived longer than anyone thought. I just come back from seeing him. We had not spoken in 25 years.... no one’s fault, we had families to get on with and next thing you know, we have both moved and can’t find each other. Russel found me through another Ole mate who had my phone number. This was 2 weeks ago. I went over to see him as soon as I could.


Can you please help me track down Greeny. I am hoping that he is a member of your organisation, or that someone in the organisation knows his where-abouts and can give my details to him, with a request for him to contact me ASAP.


The only info that I have on Leigh is:




Leigh Green


Rank at time:

LAC or Cpl



Radio Tech Air



UN Ismalia Egypt and MFO Sinai Egypt.


Russ and I will appreciate your help. I reckon Greeny will too. If you can’t help directly, maybe you can suggest some avenues in which I can make further enquiries.


Thanks for reading my request.   David Gross.




If you can help, let us know and we’ll pass on the info to David – tb.



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Jim Slatter


Ernie Gimm says “I have often wonder what happened to Lac Jim Slatter TELSOPC from Butterworth who departed around 1961-2.  His wife's name was Pat.  As singlies, Cowby Cowan and self spent many a pleasant weekend at their house on the Island.  Pat was a good  cook as I remember.


Dave Fox is another name that I have lost contact with.  I last saw him in Canberra around 1975 when he stayed with Jenny and me at McGregor.  Dave was a butcher in civvy life and I put him through his Comsec course at Laverton in 1968 and became Godfather to his eldest daughter.  Not sure whether Dave was a Teleg or Telsopc.



Once again, if you can help, let us know and we’ll pass on the info to Ernie  tb




Bugs Rose.


Mal Pryor wants to know if anyone knows this bloke (Bugs Rose). Mal says he would love to hear from him. All round good bloke. Love the car too.



If you can help, you know the rules!!!  trouble is, most blokes knew at least one Buggs Rose, there seemed to be quite a few of them in the RAAF at one time or another – tb.





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"Nothing special, sir," he replied.  "We just tell them straight out that they're going to die!




Peter Brown


Bill Daly would like to contact a former rad tech, Peter Brown, from Point Cook ATC in early 1960's - if he's still about. Thanks for an excellent publication, don’t stop now. Excellent information source, great work on articles, I was in Sale in 1963 on photographic training course. If I remember correctly the remains of the "Sales" Vampires were in a dam near the guard gate, the feeling of loss was very evident.



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Tony Valentine.


Phill Baldock writes,   "I have lost the contact address for several of  our guys including Tony Vallentine. However there are plenty of our reader/members who would know and be in contact with Tony’s older brother Alf Vallentine (who I worked with at Radschool Ground Flight) off 16 Radio Apprentice Course, I would like someone to pass the message to Alf for Tony to contact me so I can pass info on a 50th year re-unite".


If you can help, contact Phil direct here  phillipbaldock@bigpond.com 




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