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Gary Broughjton (right) sent us the following 3 pics.


“On the 4th of July 1979, this photo was taken on the tarmac in front of hangar 88 at Laverton. This was almost the entire crew of 1AD Radar Squadron. Missing from the photo were FLTLT W Bryant, PLTOFF Dave Pettigrew, Sgt Bob King, Sgt Phil Stroud, Cpl Bob Thatcher, AC Jeffries and AC Mark Webster”.


(You can click a lot of these pics for a bigger view.)


Back Row L-R:   Bob Spackman, Bob Irvine, Al Baker, Terry Clitheroe, W Luyer, Joe Monisse, Neil Hancock, A Mason.

Middle Row L-R:   Terry Cruikshank, Dave Halliwell, Bob Jackson, Rolf Gerding, Rob Clark, John Nankivell, Ray Thomas, Grant Dernedde, Gary Broughton, Yvonne Engel.

Seated L-R:   Phil Baldock, Ken Edwards, Ian McKeller, Bob Shannon, Steve Bray, Garry St Jack, Dave Purdy, Colin Muir, R Stemp.



“The 1AD CMRTF crew in July 1977. Gary doesn't have an indication on the photo or who was missing, but he's tagged the blokes he knows. Again, this was in front of hangar 88. The photographer should have set up to take the photo with the airfield behind. Those hanger doors aren't particularly attractive”.


Standing L-R:   Paul McLaughlin, Max Norris, Dave Foon, Terry Haebich, Bob Spackman, Bill Thorburn, Phil Baldock, Paul Rendalls, Garry Elliot, Will DeBoer, Gary Broughton, Mick Bayly, Carl Nielsen, Bevan Gordon.

Seated L-R:   Dennis Shogren, Bob King, Warren Magnay, Graham Smith, R Jacobson, Steve Bray, Bob Tucker, Barry Morris, Frank Evans, Rod Townsend, Barry Allen, Ray Skelcher.



DTELENG – 1991.


Back Row L-R:   Terry Stowe, Pat Vitoli, Jeff Norman, Bruce Perry, Rob Brookfield, Simon Appleby, Mick Cockburn, Rob Ridsdale.

4th Row L-R:   Gary Morrisby, Greg Jefferis, Paul Collins, Allen Lambert, Conrad Pereira, Robert Mathers, Mick Cates, John Hurford, Rod Weeks.

3rd Row L-R:    Andrew Bailey, Eric Ericson, Steve Todd, Charlie Picarelli, Wally Alcorn, Eddie Newman, Leigh Hamilton, John Spierings, Brian Leach, Malcolm Cockerell, Otto Lendvai.

2nd Row L-R:   Bruce Muir, Roger O’Sullivan, Randall Wright, Rod Lake, Allen Lambert, Lee Stanley, Leigh Hamilton, Gary Broughton, Jamie Boyd,

1st Row L-R:   Allison Gardiner, Robyn Edwards, Nadi Finette, Reg Richardson, Nigel Nelson, Gary Roderick, Not Known, Frank Tavares, Rosalea Hodge, Eric Gidley, Terry Grace.

Cheer leader:   John Dallimore


The Directorate of Telecommunications Engineering (DTELENG), on the steps of the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne, 11 November 1991.


DTELENG was a vortex that sucked up technicians and engineers.




Iwakuni, Japan.


Arthur “Gus” Comer


“I travelled to Iwakuni in October '52, via Darwin and Manila, with three other Corporals: Ted Ilton, a Telsop who retired later as a Wing Commander; Bill Mengerson, not sure what mustering; and Bob Wilson, a VHF/DF operator (right). I was a Wireless Maintenance Mechanic. We roomed together in Block 82, at Iwakuni. Bob told us the following story”:


“It was around 0300 one morning in 1952, when Bob, on duty at the VHF/DF station, heard a very faint radio signal: 'Mayday, Mayday, Mayday. This is Air Force 9745 calling Mayday'. Bob responded '9745, this is Iwakuni VHF/DF. What is your position?' 'Iwakuni, this is 9745. I'm en route to Itazuke. I'm lost and running low on fuel. Can you give me a bearing for Itazuke (a USAF base on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu)?


Bob explained that his equipment could not do that. He could only give a bearing to Iwakuni. He was abused, with a great deal of profanity, by the US pilot. 'You stupid so-and-so, who are you anyway?' 'I'm a member of the Australian Air Force serving at Iwakuni,' said Bob. 'Australia? Australia? What the @#&$@ are you doing here? Anyway, give me that bearing to Itazuke, or I'll have you court-martialled, you @#%^#@ '


''9745, I give you two choices’, said Bob. ' You can fly to Iwakuni, or you can run out of fuel and crash. Your choice!' Reluctantly, the pilot took Bob's suggested course, and as dawn was breaking over Iwakuni, touched down on the runway, his F86 flaming out half-way down the runway.


Safe, but just!”


“Well, of course, you'd expect that pilot to seek out Bob (left) with champagne and chocolates, at the very least. But Bob died some years back, still waiting”!




Base Radio, Canberra. - 1974/1975??

If you can add some names, please do!


Standing L-R:   Ron Tierney, not known, not known, not known, not known, not known, Joe Zarrate, not known, Graeme Shearer, Alby Dickason.

Kneeling L-R:   Athol O’Hare, Denis Horton, JJ Stevens.

Seated L-R:   not known, not known.


"What a wonderful life I've had! I only wish I'd realised it sooner


153 RTC


In Vol 39 P18, Vince Gullo asked for a course photo of 153RTC. Matt Gowty found one in an old album and has sent it to us with as many names as he could remember.


He also found a photo of Base Radio Pearce from 1986 and he sent that also. 


Back Row L-R:   Matt Gowty, Peter Fraser, Tom Rasmussen, John Bland, Bill Shambrook.

Middle Row L-R:   Bob Urquhart, Vince Simpson, Not known, 'Brains' Luscombe, Rod Peate, Not known.

Front Row L-R:   Col Not known, Not known, Paul Murphy, Not known, Not known, Vince Gullo, Bruce Murray.




Base Radio and Commcen Pearce, about 1985.


Back Row L-R:   Rolf Gerding, Eddie Holzheimer, Peter Bloomfield, Matt Gowty, Rod Castle, Not known, John Hill, Mark Sadowski, Not known, Not known, Not known, Not known.

Third Row L-R:   Joe Monisse, Not known, Not known, Not known, Not known, Neil Meacham, Not known, Grant Brain, Chris Humphris, Peter Gepp, Not known, Paul Collins

Second Row L-R: ..Not known, Not known, Rod Heaton, Mick Lindsay, Ray Pullen, Not known, Not known, Doug Clulow, Bill Kenworthy, Grant Poussard, Steve Myers, Rod Taylor, Mike Cockburn

Front Row L-R:   Not known, Not known, Paul Whiteley, Not known, Dan Tellam, Mick Ryan, Mick Joyce, Blue Porter, Not known, Not known, Clive Hannaford, Not known, Ted O'Connor, Not known, Peter Billings, Mr MacDonald



Pearce Comcen, 1994.


Stephen Ellis (far right, second row) sent us these pics.

It was taken outside of the COMCEN at Pearce in 1994. Stephen says he can't remember what the flight was called at the time, but it's basically Base Radio, 306 Air Base Wing. He says he can’t remember all the names so if you can help we would appreciate it.




East Sale.


L-R:   Helena Simimduski,  Cliff Small, Julie Hann, Bob Richardson, Kris Hollis.


Kris Hollis (right) sent us this photo (above). It was taken on the fence outside the WRAAF quarters at East Sale in 1970.


(I loved this era, especially those mohair jumpers, they were lovely to cuddle up to, specially when they were being worn by a girl – tb.) 




No 4 Signaller’s Course. (air)


On completion of training at A&GRS Ballarat.

October 1952.

Jim Treadwell.


Standing L-R:   Jim O”Brien, Frank Howie, Kevin “Smokie” Laglands, Keith “Tubby” Cameron, Ron Leach.

Seated L-R:   Ted Zinnecker, “Rosie” O’Grady, Ian “Bulldog” Drummond, Jim Treadwell.



Someone told me they thought I was delusional...

I laughed so hard, I almost fell off my unicorn!



37 RMC,

Oct 1963 – June 1964.


Standing L-R:   Graeme Ward, Not known, Ned Dawson, Gordon Welch, Adrian Pittman, Jeff Wallis, Terry Bleachmore, Not known, Bob Sutherland, "Pop" Wyatt, Not known. .

Seated L-R:   Not known, Les Addison, Not known, Not known, Not known, Peter Mountford, Mel Bradford, Not known, Not known, Ken Alford.




27 RTC.

May 1965 – Feb 1966


Standing L-R:   Not known, Not known, Ian Truswell, Jeff Wallis, Ned Dawson, Les Addison, Ray Quinn.

Seated L-R:   Ross Marshall, Graeme Ward, Not known, Allan Maher, Les Dennison, Ken Alford, Ron Erwin.



629 Recruit Course.

May - July 1963.

Last with the .303 rifle.

Jeff Wallis


Back Row L-R:   Not Known, Not Known, Alan Balderson, Not Known, Cpl. Hofferset, Not Known, Ron Webster, Jeff Wallis.

Middle Row L-R:   Dave Melvin, Ian Gill, Not Known, Bob Ward,  Rumpf, Not Known, John Murphy, Not Known.

Front Row L–R:   Peter Inkster, Bob Peart, Gus Giesakie, Not Known, Not Known, Not Known, Not Known, Jack Newey.

Drill Instructor:    Cpl. Coggins





Base Squadron Radio, Darwin.





In the Darwin “Boozer”, can anyone provide some names and a when??


Far left - Phil Abrams.


Darwin Air-Movements, early 1990s.




75 Sqn

Early 1970s




109 Clk Supply Course.



Sorry, we don’t have any names, if you can help, please do!!





Point Cook Fireys, 1985.

Pete Learmonth sent us these pics.



Back Row L-R:   Dave Ryan, Ces Boyter, Bill Hutton, Vic Janusaitis, Mick Young.

Front Row L-R:   Bob Chaffey, Lawrence Jones, Joe Podalak, Terry Merrett, Steve Tregoning.



Big Red, Point Cook, 1981.




Big Yellow – Point Cook. 1981.





Thesaurus:   An ancient reptile with an excellent vocabulary.




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