Radschool Association Magazine - Vol 44

Page 19

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 Your Say!



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Any views expressed herein are solely those of the author

and do not necessarily reflect those of the RAM.


Geoff Yeatman



Comments: "Hi, was just browsing through some of the previous volumes and in Vol 42, page 5 I came across a couple of pics of 37 RAC Reunions.  Underneath the pics you are asking for names and details so here goes. As a member of 37 RAC I was at both reunions held to date.  The first pic was taken in Jan 2003 in the suburbs of Brisbane (can't remember which one) where we had a turn-out of about 14 people. (We’ve added the names to the photo – tb)


The second pic was taken at a restaurant in Beaumont St, Hamilton (Newcastle) on Sat 19th Jan 2013. (Once again we’ve added the names to the photo – tb).


The photo above those 2 shows 4 of the guy's in a room in the appy blocks back in the day, on the right is Dave Walsh who is also on the right in the bottom pic.  What a difference 30 years makes!! We are planning our next reunion for Jan 2020 and the goal is to get 37 of us there, which will hopefully include those that didn't have the good fortune to graduate.


Check our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/114367915262594/ for more stuff."    




Thanks Geoff, photos have now been updated with the correct names - tb.




Graham Crawford


Graham says, “Re Volume: Vol 43, page 11 Your segment on memory loss triggered my thoughts about something I read recently. It has been established that doorways are the cause of the loss of memory when you go from one place and arrive at another thinking "now why did I come here" Apparently doorways appear to "wipe" our minds of our intentions, so the next time you're confused, check to see if you went through a door!!




Ernie Gimm


Ernie Gimm says re Vol 43, Page 8, the Incident at Ubon....I happened to be there at the time in question. See the RAM HERE and the Para under the Moral Leadership course photo.  I was actually on switch duty that night but had had a big day on the grog with Cowby Cowan (around my 20th birthday).  I was woken up by Cowby saying we were about to be attacked...the switchboard was lit up like a Christmas tree...the Yanks had been trying to contact us...I sheepishly put all the shutters back up and went about digging a trench with Cowby.  I can remember asking the WOD (Chalky White) if it was deep enough and he said "keep digging".  I can confirm that the soil was soft as the initial camp was built on swamp land and it was eventually moved to another site.  There was a fault in the US radar and it was declared a false alarm and we were stood down and sent to breakfast at around 7.30am.  As a raw 20 YO, I can remember my stomach was churning and no breakfast was partaken.  Gus Geoff was the WOComms, Shonky Shelton, Rod Williams, Cowby and self were sent up in the advance party from BSBut to operate a CW circuit back to Butterworth - KR3A and AX2T were the call-signs used...of course, everything had to be encrypted at source.  I think Nick Carter might have been our linesman who always had a 6 pack in his little tool kit.


I was asked if I could put this photo on here by Fay Ison (click it for a bigger copy). She is after this for the WRAAF uniform display out at the heritage museum at Amberley. She has written "Rayon material, skirt buttoned through, flap covering. At first black buttons long sleeves, then '56 cut sleeves with brassy buttons. Later the gilt buttons after 62/63. Fay has a near full collection and is missing only:


  1. Blue Grey and hat 2)

  2. Blue shirts (50's) (NOT blouse)

  3. Any WWII articles (she does have winter blues and cap only). Any bags, shoes, gloves stockings, bric-a-brac, photos is appreciated.


You can contact her oneson7@bigpond.com if you can help her with these items. Thank you.




Gus Comer


Re Volume: 43, Page: 2, I was saddened to note death of Ted Holmes, Ed Off at RADSCL Laverton in early 60s. A really fine bloke, we enjoyed his company. Other Ed Off's there at the time were Jack Saunderson, Ray McDermott, and an Englishman, Wg Cdr Denis Bolam. Lovely bunch to work with. Any others from that era still alive?




Laurie Lindsay


Laurie wrote, “I recognized some of the blokes on 23 RMTA, they are John Towle, Trevor Sanderson and Jeff Tolley.  Jeff and Trevor worked with me at 38 Squadron after they graduated.  John was porked and was at Laverton in the 70s.




Wilf Hardy.


Wilf Hardy wrote:  “  I have attached a couple of articles from the Penang Star newspaper from last October, which I found of interest. My wife and I travel back to Singapore and Penang at least once a year and often more frequently. Malaysia is a great place to visit; inexpensive, friendly, safe and now they are teaching English in the schools again, most young people speak at least some English. We have great memories of Penang from our courting days so many years ago. Also, over the years I've built up quite a library on the Malayan Emergency and it surprises me Chin Peng is still alive; well, he was last October anyway.


The interesting thing in the Chin Peng article is the accolades the author gives to the Commonwealth military who helped suppress the Malayan Communists in the Emergency in "aid to the civil power", which is a different slant on the explanation you give for the way the war was managed. The idea was to try and stop communist propaganda claiming Britain was killing the Malayans. Of course this did not stop the wharfies in Sydney chalking "stop bombing innocent Malayan people" on the side of our trucks awaiting loading in Sydney into the SS Brayside in early '58!


The other article is on the Brits receiving approval to wear their PJMs. I don't believe many who received this award from Malaysia really understand the significance of it. The PJM is a decoration, akin to the entry level of our OAM and Malaysians love their medals. I now have PJM after my name on my business cards as I've found it a real door opener up there. The fact that it was presented to so many of us is surprising and should be viewed as a great honour.


Wilf – I found where I had read that 2 Sqn arrived in Butterworth when the “action” was nearly over – it is here http://www.awm.gov.au/units/unit_11021vietnam.asp - tb


At least the Honours and Awards crowd in Defence know what went on. They issued the AASM 1945 - 75 with a Thai-Malay clasp for the border fighting which went on for years after the Emergency officially ended. In the air it was mainly 2 Squadron doing the bombing until the Malaysian Air Force was built up enough to take over. But you won't find anything at all on the RAAF bombing Thailand. As I stated in my comments, at least there is an admission our army was patrolling up there.




J & A Wilson, Littlehampton – Q & A.


Well I always suspected that Q&A was left leaning and somewhat “controlled” but it sure was an experience. Got an invite to attend, I put my name down many moons ago and forgot about it, but the invite said bring a guest and submit a question. Best guest I could think of was Ray Gibson of ADSO fame, put his name down and he got a Guernsey as well.


We both submitted a question but obviously not from the suggested list. That should have been the first clue. We duly fronted up, name ticked off but then an odd scrum started at the entrance to the studio. We later learnt these were the truly faithful being herded to the front row seats. Before the show time the Producer, Christine El-Khoury, read out a list of names and handed out the questions.


Aha, you submit the question in advance, its gets vetted of course, then they print it and hand it back to you on the night. Surprise!! Ray and I didn’t get a card but neither did about 400 others. Its OK said the producer, raise your hand if you have a question.


On TV, you did not see the hands raised did you.


Nope; cameras didn’t look that way. When Rudd was waffling, Jones was in rapt attention but twice managed to bring himself to an interjection to at least try to give a façade of impartiality. The pic I took before the order of “all phones off or you will be chucked out” shows the front gathering of the faithful and, surprise, where most of the questions came from.


Marvellous how Kevvy was ready for the occasional harder question but he has heard those before and had ready answers for them. Really a surprise we didn’t get to ask any military questions – wasn’t it. The night was a salutary lesson on control of the media. My apologies if you watched it.




Myke Stanbridge,


Hi all, thanks for RAM 43. It appears no luck in tracking down any 59RMC and 39RTC fellows? It amazes me that they've vanished without even the obligatory group photos turning up. I never even got offered a photo - how did others get a photo of their group?




Bob Dalgleish


Shortly after discharge I started with Air Niugini in Port Moresby. I remained in PNG for 10 years. I was in Rabaul when the volcanoes erupted there in 1993/4 and the company house I was assigned was buried under ash as a result, causing the loss of many photo albums and mementos from RAAF and Sinai days.


If you happen to know anyone who may have been anywhere I have been around the same time frames and kept some of the memories intact I would appreciate a copy. It's something that I should have chased up earlier, but I'm sure you all will understand how that goes.


After training in Wagga until early 1980, I was posted to 3AD only briefly and then to 482 SQN in Amberley. I was posted from there in 1983 to 5 SQN in Fairbairn, Canberra as a lead up to posting to the Sinai ACMFO contingent. I arrived via C130 in El Gorah in June 1985 and left on the 'next to last' rotation from there in Dec 1985. On my return, I was posted as an instructor to RAAFSTT


All the best, much appreciated. Cheers, Rob.


If you can help Rob out, please email him at rob.dalgleish@weststar-aviation.aero



Mick, from Dublin , appeared on 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' and towards the end of the program had already won 500,000 euros. "You've done very well so far," said Chris Tarrant, the show's presenter, "but for a million euros you've only got one life-line left, phone a friend. Everything is riding on this question. Will you go for it?"


"Sure," said Mick. "I'll have a go!"


"Which of the following birds does NOT build its own nest?


a) Sparrow

b) Thrush,

c) Magpie,

d) Cuckoo?"


"I haven't got a clue." said Mick, ''So I'll use my last lifeline and phone my friend Paddy back home in Dublin ...."Mick called up his mate, and told him the circumstances and repeated the question to him. "God-damnl, Mick!" cried Paddy."Dat's simple - it's a cuckoo." "Are you sure?"  "I'm damn sure."


Mick hung up the phone and told Chris, "I'll go with cuckoo as my answer." "Is that your final answer?" asked Chris. "Dat it is."


There was a long, long pause and then the presenter screamed, "Cuckoo is the correct answer! Mick, you've won 1 million euros!" The next night, Mick invited Paddy to their local pub to buy him a drink. "Tell me, Paddy? How in Heaven’s name did you know it was da Cuckoo that doesn't build its own nest?"


"Because it lives in a bloody clock




Bill Roddick.


Mrs Anne Roddick would like to say hello to anyone who remembers her husband w/o Bill Roddick. Bill Spent 12 years in the British RAF where he completed his National Service including hard times in the Middle East, then joined  the Australian Air Force in the early 70's and stayed until retirement. Anne is writing a small journal of his service life and how he met and married a WRAF girl and shared 50 happy years. Any short stories or anecdotes of Bill would be greatly received, and appreciated by his 10 grandchildren and 5 great grand children


Thank you in appreciation, Anne Roddick.


If you knew Bill and some of the antics he got up to, please send them here and we’ll pass them onto Anne – tb.




Something just that little bit different!!





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