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Where are they now?



Brent Crowhurst


Jeff Latter is looking for Brent Crowhurst, he says: "Brent was a CO of 3 Sqn and marched with us on Anzac Day but I have lost his contact. If anyone can help it would be very appreciated".


If you can help, let us know and well pass on your into to Jeff - tb.




We received the following    I have had an enquiry from a gentleman Terry Kruse who is trying to track down an old school friend. His name is Peter Cooper who joined the RAAF in approx 1964 and served in SVN. He was also at the Radio Section at RAAF Amberley, at some stage.


If you can assist please contact Terry Kruse on 07 5429 0318.


Gavin Rogers


Townsville Sub-Branch

Vietnam Veterans Association

07 47230569 Mon-Fri 0800-1130







We received the following from Rodney Brittain, Secretary DFWA.


Good afternoon all, attached is a list of tasks for which we urgently need volunteers. 


If you believe that you could assist in any one of these positions, do not hesitate to contact one of the persons listed in the attachment.


It should be noted that while we have some 690 members in the QLD branch we seldom see any more than 15 members at an AGM and even less at the regular morning teas or business review meetings held throughout the year.  For the organisation to survive in the long term we need more members to become involved in day to day operations, especially those members located in the Brisbane Metro area and immediate surrounds.  We continue to have a steady stream of requests for assistance from past and present ADF members but to adequately continue to meet the objectives of the DFWA we do need more membership involvement.



Rodney A Brittain



Mobile: 0407 020 267

Email: rodbrittain237@gmail.com


DFWA Committee Positions.


Commitment:  DFWA Qld Branch has a meeting (either Business review or Committee) the last Friday of each month and those helping would be asked to attend that meeting.


DFWA members attend RUSI hall at Victoria Barracks Brisbane (VBB) every Friday morning attendance is voluntary but there is a good morning tea commencing at 0930hrs. The office is open Tuesday and Wednesday between 0900 and (normally) 1400hrs. The office is manned by volunteers. Computers and printing will be available in the office but get in contact with the secretary to ensure the office will be open. DFWA has a server where approved people can log on and it is the central repository of DFWA QLD information.  Access to the DFWA server will be provided if required.


For those located some distance away remote working may be possible as we have our server but that will have to be discussed.



Assistant Treasurer.


Work with the treasurer to understand DFWA accounting on MYOB. Carry out treasurer related duties in the absence of the treasurer. Understand how to access and use the membership database (read only capability). Liaise with the Membership Secretary in relation to any necessary updates to the membership data base. Understand how to print address labels for Camaraderie and envelopes is necessary.



Membership Development Officer.


Research and develop proposals for Committee approval to increase DFWA membership from the current serving ADF members and ex-Service community. Research and develop proposals, for Committee approval, to maintain existing Branch membership. Research and develop proposals for Committee approval to increase broader community awareness of the DFWA brand and understanding of DFWAs mission and roles that could lead to increased membership or financial support. Actively take action to improve the knowledge of DFWA QLD with the Defence Community in our area (QLD) including regular updating of hand-out packs at transition seminars. Develop a Public Relations plan for the general community and the e-community.



Assistant Hotline Editor.


Work with the Hotline Editor to develop hotline. Seek articles and photographs between issues to be printed. Assist in providing DFWA Qld Branch information/articles for the national magazine Camaraderie. Work with committee to find appropriate and interesting articles.



Pensions Welfare and Advocacy.


Training will be provided free through the DVA Training Improvement Program (TIP). Some of it is attendance some can be done on line. Individuals can nominate for welfare and basic pensions and will need to be sponsored by DFWA, or another ESO.  Advanced advocacy is by invitation. DFWA will arrange for initial mentoring.  For those outside SEQ it may be another ESO.



  • Initial visit to see if we can help.

  • Visiting members in hospital, their homes and/or aged care facilities.

  • Assist them to access services either DVA or civilian.

  • Provide general assistance.



  • Welfare Activities.

  • Assist in raising and processing claims on DVA.

  • Assist in the review process through to the VRB and maybe to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.



  • All pensions actions.

  • Assist in the review process.

  • Represent at the AAT if required.


RUSI HALL will be available for interviews and DFWA computer resources will be available at RUSI Hall.


For more information please contact:


Assistant treasurer position:

Wal Buldo   0438 327 210

Membership Development:

Rod Brittain   0407 020 267

Assistant Hotline Editor:

Ray Gibson   0421 087 159

Pensions Welfare Advocacy:

John Lowis   0439 192 574


Rob Shortridge   0412 503 203"




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